11 Korean Beauty Buys You Still Haven't Tried

K-Beauty truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Just when you think there can’t be anything else left to discover from the heartland of inventive beauty, we're showered with more genius presents. As it happens, we should probably get used to being spoiled with endless options.
As you likely know, it's said that South Korea is about 12 years ahead of the rest of the world in skin-care innovations — and the U.S. market is keeping up with the demand as best it can. For example, two of the biggest stateside beauty hotspots just added even more K-Beauty goodness: Ulta is now stocking a ton of new products and Nordstrom currently has a nifty pop-up shop happening.
Translation: It's the perfect time to round up a few of the products that you may not have discovered yet — but we love. Trust us, you don’t want to miss these. Click through for 11 Korean beauty buys you'll want to scoop up while you can.
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Product: Lip mask

Why you'll like it: Sure, a lip mask seems a little inconvenient, but this works more like an advanced balm. Packed with apple water (a natural source of lactic acid) to gently exfoliate lips, it delivers major softness. It also has mint extract for a fresh scent and nine vitamin-rich oils to nourish.

How to use it: Use as a balm during the day, then slather on liberally as an overnight treatment.

Nooni Water Blending Lip Mask, $11, available at Memebox.
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Product: Night cream

Why you'll like it: It's rich and hydrating, but also well tolerated by highly reactive skin types. Even the most sensitive skin will find comfort in knowing this cream adds moisture and brightens — gently!

How to use it: It doesn't have SPF, making it great for night or before makeup in the evening.

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Cream, $36, available at Ulta Beauty.
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Product: Cleansing water

Why you'll like it: Like all cleansing and micellar waters, this formula is incredibly gentle. This one stands out, however, for just how soft it makes our skin. Don't expect it to tackle waterproof formulas without a cotton swab to help, but you can be sure of the fact that your face will feel crazy fresh and supple after.

How to use it: Massage a few splashes into your face before cleansing to gently break up makeup or saturate a cotton round or swab for more precise cleansing.

Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland Cleansing Water, $29, available at Ulta Beauty.
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Product: Dry skin booster

Why you'll like it: Think of this as the skin equivalent of adding an extra vitamin shot to your green juice. It’s an ampoule (supercharged serum) which means it comes in a sealed vile and contains higher concentrations of actives. In this case, the goal is hydration, so it's packed with tons of botanicals and amino acids.

How to use it: This replaces your serum, so use after cleansing and toning but before moisturizing.

AmorePacific Moisture Bound Hydration Boost, $120, available at Sephora.
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Product: Lip stain

Why you'll like it: Things have come a long way since the super drying stains of the past. This one is pigmented and vibrant, but also packed with oils to hydrate lips.

How to use it: Using the soft wand, dab the water tint onto lips and let it soak in — rather than smearing it on like you would a liquid lipstick or gloss. You’ll see it quickly flow over lips and set in seconds

Heimish Dailism Water Drop Lip Tint Clear Day, $14, available at Memebox.
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Product: Brightening peel-off mask

Why you'll like it: Apart from the obvious — providing excellent selfie material, of course — this chrome-colored mask uses pearl powder to brighten skin and diamond powder (yes there is actual ground diamonds in this) to purify and illuminate. It’s also packed with glycerin and vitamins to deeply moisturize and soften the surface of skin.

How to use it: As with all masks, start with cleansed skin and liberally slather this on. This isn’t a wash off mask, so after 20 minutes (or when it is completely dry) start peeling from the outer edges.

Bonvivant Original Chrome Mask, $22, available at Memebox.
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Product: Face oil

Why you’ll like it: Consider this an oil for those that hate oils. It’s 100% colorless and odorless — and feels like water! That doesn’t mean it can’t do the same moisturizing things to our skin. Made with naturally-sourced squalane, it soaks in quickly to balance skin and add hydration.

How to use it: Warm a few drops in your hands, then press onto just-washed skin. Follow with SPF or night cream. Tip: It's great on dry patches elsewhere on the body, too.

Olivarrier Fluid Oil, $45, available at Glow Recipe.
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Product: Cleanser

Why you’ll like it: You already know that foaming cleansers deliver a wonderfully clean feeling, so what makes this one so special? Unlike other cleansing foams, this one won’t strip skin of moisture. Instead it calms and soothes, thanks to a special line-up of ingredients like moss water and glycerin.

How to use it: Lather into wet hands until a rich foam forms, then massage over wet skin and rinse. There’s no need to double cleanse with this one.

MAKE P:REM Black Cleansing Foam, $23, available at Glow Recipe.
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Product: Bubble cleanser

Why you'll like it: To be frank, this makes cleansing so much fun. When exposed to air the cleanser bubbles to deliver a deep clean. The green tea adds an added caffeine jolt, too, making it a good for morning cleansers to instantly pep up skin and fight puffiness.

How to use it: Just like any cleanser, just make sure you wait for the bubbles to form in your hands before spreading over skin.

Boom de ah dah O2 Bubble Cleanser, $15, available at Memebox.
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Product: Peel pads

Why you'll like it: Perfect for the peel pad novice, these pre-soaked pads are packed with lactic and glycolic acids to nibble away at dead skin cells. The result? Brighter skin with less oil and congestion, like black heads and clogged pores. They’re also soaked in natural spa water, so they're less drying than some peel pads.

How to use it: Swipe the textured side of the cotton pad over cleansed skin (instead of a toner) and then repeat with the smoother side. Repeat over really flaky or dull areas. Use at night.

Nooni Advanced Repair Radiance Turnover Peel Pads, $25, available at Memebox.
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Product: Eyeshadow palette

Why you'll like it: The shadow in this palette is super soft, which means it never flakes or cracks. Not to play favorites, but the beautiful turquoise gives the prettiest wash of color — and the holographic finish pops when the light catches it.

How to use it: Use the shades alone or combined for a smoky eye.

Pony Effect Master Eye Palette in Holographic Pastel, $35 each, available March 21st 2017 at Memebox.
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