The Walker

Episode 1 - What It's Like Being A Celebrity Escort — It's NOT What You Think

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The term “The Walkers” first appeared in a 1970s Women’s Wear Daily article referring to “lifelong bachelors” (a.k.a. closeted gay men) who accompanied ladies to events when their husbands couldn't. This series is a modern-day interpretation of what it means to be the ultimate plus one in a world of reality TV and celebrity friendships.
Meet Walker, a man with too many best friends — both real and fake. On one hand, he has his socialites. On the other, he's got his close-knit group of besties. However, he'll soon find out that friendship is a tricky business. Especially when it’s your business.

About The Walker

Walker, a charming, 20-something New York transplant, is the perfect friend, but when being a "gay best friend for hire" becomes his full-time job, he just might lose sight of what real friendship is all about.

The Walker Episode 1Released on July 23, 2015