The Easiest Way To Update Your Wardrobe? A New Bag For Fall

Illustrated by Isabel Castillo Guijarro.
When you invest in a handbag, chances are you wear it to absolute death. Sometimes, after weeks (or months!) of toting your go-to crossbody or satchel, you don’t even want to know what lies at the bottom of that black hole. And unfortunately, the less expensive bags also start to fall apart at the seams — handles unravel, zippers and buttons break, and the shape gets all sorts of wonky. Needless to say, bag fatigue is a harsh reality — I can’t even bear to lay eyes on the shearling tote I carried all of last fall and winter, I’m just that sick of it. So the new season is the perfect time to refresh this essential part of your wardrobe.

It may not be time quite yet to swap your tanks and shorts for scarves and sweaters, but it is time to start thinking about quick ways to revamp your look for fall. And the easiest way to do that is with a killer on-trend bag for fall.

From structured shapes to mixed materials, fall's bold bag trends should be embraced with open arms. Not only are they practical, but they can even take the laziest girls’ everyday jeans-and-a-tee outfit to the next level. Read on for the 5 major bag trends headed your way, and feel out which one is right for your style.
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo Guijarro.
The Trunk Bag
We can all thank Louis Vuitton for this unexpected yet totally amazing trend. Unlike with the satchels and the mini crossbodies of seasons past, you haven't quite seen bags like this before. Think of this as your '90s kaboodle, all grown up. From mini to oversized, these trunks can hold anything from your phone and lipstick all the way to your entire makeup bag and snacks for later. They may seem too chunky or cumbersome for an everyday bag, but they make a super-rad statement come nighttime or the weekend. You just have to go for it.
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Consider mustard your new neutral for fall.
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Cute as can be.

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Box Embroidered Grosgrain Bag, $2,995, available at LuisaViaroma.
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A fresh take on colorblocking.
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An interview-ready bag that could land you the job.
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo Guijarro.
The Structured Bucket Bag
Mansur Gavriel super-fans, you'll be glad to know that the structured-bucket-bag trend is in full swing for fall. No more of that slouchy, boho silhouette from seasons past — it's all about minimalist, sleek, and shapely for fall. Perfect to dress up a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee, or to tote daily with all of your office-appropriate looks, the bucket bag is a chic fashion-girl favorite, and it's here to stay. Just don't forget to take the perfect "what's in my bag" Instagram shot with it.
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Navy goes with everything.
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Break up an all-black outfit with a light-pink touch.
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Business on bottom, party on top.
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Try metallic framing for added structure and interest.
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The blushing bucket.
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo Guijarro.
The Belt Bag
Before you roll your eyes at the thought of wearing a fanny pack, give the sleek picks ahead a chance. Whether you actually wear it around your waist or carry it stylishly as if it were a clutch, the belt bag is for cool girls only. And while a clutch can seem annoying to have to hold all day or night, wearing a belt bag around your waist allows for totally hands-free happy-hour-ing. From concert-ready suedes and snakeskins to sophisticated leathers with unique buckle details, there's actually a belt bag out there for everyone, no matter if you lean more boho or more uptown with your style. Don't knock it 'til you try it.
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Who knew a fanny pack could be this chic?
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A cool take on a classic stripe.
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Pair with the perfect cutoff shorts and a V-neck.
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Keep your pants up, while you're at it.
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo Guijarro.
The Mixed-Materials Bag
To add an interesting dose of texture to any look, try the season's mixed-materials bags, where snakeskin is taking center stage. With leather or suede and complete with sleek metallic hardware, the mixed-materials bags come in a variety of silhouettes and colors. Perfect for the chillier weather, most of them can be found in autumn-ready hues like deep, natural greens, browns, and burnt oranges. So if girly pinks and pastels aren't for you, this is a trend you'll want to take a stab at. Despite their patchwork feel, they can actually go with pretty much everything — and don't worry, there are always vegan options if you're not ready to go for real animal skins (not to mention, they're more affordable).
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An unexpected color combo.
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If you don't want to go for all-over snakeskin, try it just as a border or accent.
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A favorite of fashion It girls.
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Illustrated by Isabel Castillo Guijarro.
The Oversized Tote Bag
Schleppers and receipt-hoarders, this one is for you. All of the commuters of the world can rejoice at the fact that this season’s totes are bigger than ever. Whether suede or leather or just polyester is your jam, you’re sure to find a carryall that suits your everyday needs. An oversized tote is a great way to play with the scale and proportions of an outfit. Balance out a cropped sweater and skinny jeans with a giant statement-maker that just happens to be practical enough to hold your laptop and a pair of comfortable shoes for after work. Just be sure to try it on to make sure it suits your height and body shape — it’s a fine line between that Mary-Kate & Ashley-esque oversized statement and just looking kind
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We've always said, forget the whole "no white after Labor Day" thing.
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Play with unique textures.
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Totes don't always have to be rectangular.
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Buckles and creative embellishments are double-take-worthy.

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