15 Trends To Jump On Before Everyone Else

There's a certain feeling of accomplishment (and serious bragging rights) that comes with being an early adopter. When you jump on a risky trend before everyone else catches on — and Instagram it before they all do, too — it feels like you're earning your stripes as an on-the-pulse style star. To give your wardrobe an instant refresh (and give yourself that ahead-of-the-game feeling), we're breaking down the closet-upgrading clothing swaps fashion insiders have already made to give you an idea of what parts of your wardrobe could stand an update.

Sick of your year-after-year pea coat? Try a cocoon shape, instead. Can't stand to wear your black blazer one more time? Go for a whole matching suit. A few simple substitutes is all it takes to build an arsenal of clothing and shoes you look good and feel good in — without ever getting bored.

Click through the 15 trade-ups ahead to plot which trends you're jumping on stat (and then just kick back and relax when your friends decide to try them on, too).
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Layering a turtleneck under anything, from dresses to sweaters to outerwear, makes any outfit feel instantly more put-together. But it's definitely more a mainstream staple than a fashion item.
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A shimmering shirt functions similarly to a simple turtleneck in that you can wear it with just about everything, but it really jazzes things up and adds a literal hint of sparkle.
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We're full believers in the high-waist silhouette, but it's easy to fall into a rut of slipping into jeans on a daily basis. For the colder months, get more creative with your bottoms.
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Instead, give a high-waisted corduroy pant a try. It's classic enough to pair with a T-shirt or sweater, but adds texture to the mix. Plus, you score extra fashion brownie points with an on-trend button fly.
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You'll never get us to give up our trusty leather motos, but for the colder months (we'll miss you, leather weather!), try something a bit heavier and more textured.
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Same classic-tough detailing but in a chic, unexpected texture and flattering hip length? Total power move. (Oh, and this one will actually keep you warm.)
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Admit it — your white Converse sneakers have seen better days. Give those bad boys a rest for something a little bolder, but just as comfortable.
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Every fashion girl needs to get her hands on the Puma x Rihanna collaboration. The sneaker-creeper doesn't just complete any athleisure look, but it also gives a few extra inches of height without sacrificing its wearability (and comfort).
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Of course, everyone needs a reliable black blazer, but something about the classic piece feels a little stale these days. Luckily, there are more stylish alternatives available that can be just as professional.
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Step out of the all-black workwear comfort zone by exchanging the simple hue for a '70s-inspired burnt orange — and feel free to add a matching pant while you're at it.
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If you're still wearing stilettos, we give you major props. But trust us when we say that comfortable heels can be just as stylish as super-high ones.
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Enter: the "grandma" heel, because the elderly are really on to something when it comes to footwear. A shorter, thicker base is exponentially easier to walk in, and it adds a vintage-chic feel to your everyday jeans and tee.
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We get it — you want a pair of earrings you can wear every day without worrying that they won't match your outfit or the rest of your jewelry. But just because you want them to be versatile doesn't mean they have to be practically invisible.
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A subtle ear crawler is just as wearable, but far more visually interesting than a barely-there stud. Whether you have only one piercing or a full-on ear party, this piece can stand alone or complement other accents.
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Don't worry, we succumbed and bought one of these, too. But now it feels like the whole world is wearing this trendy staple.
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Shake things up by going for a longer hemline and ditching the front buttons in exchange for a chic paper-bag waist this winter. This style is even more versatile than your minis, because you can probably get away with wearing it to work sans tights (high slit and all).
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Ah, the shift dress — it's treated us well. Though it's a universally flattering silhouette and is the embodiment of the throw-on-and-go mentality, this part of your wardrobe is prime for a refresh.
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Swap your go-to shift for an off-the-shoulder tunic, like this fashion-crowd-favorite piece from Tibi. Wear it over pants and you'll hardly believe the amount of compliments that roll in.
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It's understandable that coziness is the ultimate goal with a scarf. But if you've been rocking the same one for, like, three winters now, it might have lost its touch (or style).
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Though it sacrifices a little bit of warmth, a skinny scarf is infinitely more on-trend than any chunky versions. Style it effortlessly, with an oxford shirt and boyfriend jeans. We swear looking good doesn't get easier than that.
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Who doesn't have stacks-on-stacks of oversized pullover sweaters? They're one of the easiest things to throw on during the mornings you just can't even.

Tory Burch Intarsia Pullover, $180, available at Tory Burch.
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You can feel just as cozy in an oversized cardigan, which littered the runways the past few seasons and are slowly making their way into our closets. They look good on weekdays and weekends, alike.
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A padded T-shirt bra offers great support, but the same printed one you got from the mall in eighth grade isn't quite cutting it anymore.
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Much of the fashion crowd has ditched bras altogether, but if you're going to wear one, opt for a sleek and soft padless variety that looks sweet peeking out from underneath tees and sweaters.
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Despite your likely argument that nothing beats a ballet flat when it comes to running-around-all-day comfort, you can wear a heel and be just as mobile.
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Introducing: the heeled ballet slipper, which has quickly become a favorite among the fashion team here at R29 HQ. They're a no-fail way to get extra height and style cred without sacrificing walkable comfort.
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You can't go wrong with a classic trench coat, we know that much. But, editors and bloggers are swapping the classic for pieces with a bit more double-tap-worthy edge.
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Anoraks are about to be everywhere come spring, and we mean everywhere. In the meantime, this leather variation will keep you warm in the chill and looking cool, too.
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If it seems like everyone started to wear cropped trousers at the office, you're not mistaken — over the past year they've become the work-pant of choice, especially paired with loafers or pointed-toe pumps.
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Amp up your office-appropos pant by adding a bit of a flare at the end of that crop — they still work with all your blazers and button-ups, but are fashion-girl approved and have a fun retro vibe that never goes out of style (and we're digging this silhouette for denim, too).
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Everyone has that dust-gathering outerwear piece that they throw on for late-night Trader Joes runs. But, your cold-weather go-to doesn't have to be cookie-cutter.
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The cocoon shape has quickly become a favorite silhouette in the fashion world, and a pop of pink gives you so much more street (style) cred.

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