The Best New Beauty Apps To Download Now

Nowadays, we probably spend more time staring at our phones than in the mirror. Yet, we don't exactly think of our small screens as beauty aids. (That is unless, of course, you count our front-facing camera, which is clutch for on-the-go lipstick touch-ups.) But, we can actually use our phones to up our beauty game in a huge way — with a whole crop of next-level beauty apps. 

Ahead, we've rounded up the latest and greatest of the beauty apps you can download right now. From the best blowout service to programs that help you shop smarter, you'll be amazed at all your phone can do for your beauty routine. As if you needed another reason to be glued to the thing...
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We already adore this cult-favorite brand, but with their new app, they've made your appointments that much easier. It's like Facebook between you and your stylist. You each can pick a look through the app, and you'll get product recommendations along with step-by-step instructions for styling. It's basically a lifetime warranty for your hair.
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We know what you're thinking — another blowout app? But, BlownAway is a head above the rest for a few reasons. You can book your appointments days in advance, and the services aren't limited to just hair. BlownAway also has a whole lookbook of makeup applications. They even have a dedicated catalogue of bridal styles, so you have one less thing to worry about on your big day. The downside? BlownAway is only available in New York, for now.
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Question: What have your selfies done for you lately? SkinBetter puts your pics to work. Upload a selfie, and the app will analyze your skin. Once it determines your prognosis, SkinBetter offers you a range of product recommendations from a board of A+ derms. How's that for a great excuse to snap away?
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The Glam App
Of all the beauty apps out there, The Glam App is the closest thing to Uber we've encountered. Stylists sign up for the app, and when you request a certain style, the app pings the one nearest you with the soonest availability. He or she rushes over to your place to doll you up. It's beauty on-demand — but, it's only available in L.A. at the moment.
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ModiFace MakeUp
Not sure if that purple lip would look good on your pout? How about whether or not you'd look rad with bangs? The latest release from ModiFace — ModiFace MakeUp — lets you play around with all of your beauty techniques in 3-D. The best part? It allows you to test actual products from actual brands, then click to buy. No more swatching at the makeup counter!
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Think Dirty
We want to know what's in the products we use on our bodies. Think Dirty has become one of our favorite shopping partners, because the app does the dirty work for us. Just scan the barcode on a product, and Think Dirty deciphers all the technical jargon and gives you easy-to-understand intel about what's in your hand. Shopping has never been smarter.
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Facial Massage
Facial massage is one of the easiest ways to bring tired, sallow skin back to life. But, knowing exactly how to massage can be tough, which is where Facial Massage comes in. The app guides you through the motions of the perfect technique. And, since you can pull it up anywhere, you can give yourself a mini spa treatment whenever you need it.
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