15 Smart Ways To Upgrade Your New Apartment

Whether you're moving to your dream apartment or one that needs some work, every place can benefit from some small upgrades here and there. But when you've spent a ton on the move itself, the last thing you want to do is invest lots of money in new devices and accessories.

Luckily, advances in tech mean you can keep costs down and still be better organized, more connected, and happier in your space. From getting all of your charging cables under wraps (literally) to finding the coolest lights for your bedroom to planting flowers that require zero care, here are 15 products guaranteed to make you love your new — or existing — place even more.

You may not want to ever leave your apartment again after these additions. (And your friends will love your pad, too.)

Moving is the worst. And the best. It can signal a fresh start or a devastating end. Whatever your style, wherever you settle, at the end of day, the most important thing is you find a place to call home. Check out more from our Get The F Out moving package here.

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Photo: Native Union.
Make your bedside charging station a little more stylish with a rose-gold finish to match your phone.

Native Union Dock Lightning, $49.99, available at nativeunion.com.
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Photo: Fab.com.
The classic Edison bulb is trendy, but these take it to the next level. You can control these energy-efficient LED bulbs with your voice, making it easy to turn them on and off, or dim and brighten them when you need some mood lighting.

Nanoleaf Smart Ivy, $74.99, available on Fab.com.
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Photo: Belkin.
If you're having trouble getting a signal in one part of your apartment, here's your solution. This range extender is easy to connect to your existing router and will ensure the shows you're streaming don't keep cutting out just because your room is on the far end of your flat.

Wi-Fi Range Extender, $39.99, available at Belkin.com.
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Photo: Fab.com.
This is a splurge, but if you're planning to make an art investment and absolutely can't decide on one piece, this is the one to get. This app-connected frame not only gives you access to a huge library of photos, museum masterpieces, original artist works, and GIFs — it also makes it easy to switch from one image to another. So, feature something edgy and avant-garde for yourself, a classic Monet when your parents come to visit, and something playful and bright when friends come for drinks.

Electric Objects EO1 Smart Digital Art Frame, $299, available on fab.com.
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Photo: The Container Store.
Turn one outlet into two with this dual plug. Instead of the usual (a plug sticking straight out of the wall), it positions the plugs parallel to the wall, which makes it perfect for squeezing behind bulky kitchen gadgets or furniture in the living room.

The Container Store Hug-A-Plug, $9.99, available at containerstore.com.
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Photo: The Container Store.
Between lamps, chargers, and kitchen appliances, the number of cords in your apartment can easily get out of control and make a mess. These cable twisters bend around your wires so you can pull them together and better organize your space — and even add a splash of color.

The Container Store Cable Twisters, $9.99, available at containerstore.com.
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Photo: MoMA Store.
Declutter and store four devices, from remotes to phones, in this silicone container.

MoMA Remote Control Container, $20, available at store.moma.org.
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Photo: Amazon.
Take a cue from the company that made record players cool again, and get this retro-styled radio for your room. It's small enough for even the tiniest apartment and has a USB port so that you can stream music from your phone, if you're not actually into listening to the radio.

Crosley Solo AM/FM Radio, $74.99, available at amazon.com.
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Photo: UncommonGoods.
It's a known fact that iPads and cooking don't mix well (water damage, anyone?). Prop yours in this stand so that you can follow a recipe or stream Stranger Things while you cook, without having to worry about spills.

Heather and Miles Geyman Kitchen Utensil and Tablet Holder, $60, available at uncommongoods.com.
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Photo: The Container Store.
Plug this four-port USB charger into a single outlet and you get a full-on iPhone, tablet, and laptop charging station without having to take up counter space.

The Container Store 4-Port USB Wall Charger, $39.99, available on containerstore.com.
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Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond.
Create more space on your desk by stowing your electronics when you're not using them. This dock lets you charge up to three devices at once in tidier fashion — even if it isn't the most beautiful piece in your pad.

Atomi Universal Charge Station, $19.99, available at bedbathandbeyond.com.
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Photo: Click and Grow.
This smart garden will cheer up cooks and flower lovers alike. Thanks to built-in sensors that ensure your plants get the perfect amount of nutrients and water, your herbs, flowers, and fruits will thrive without you having to worry when you're off traveling for work (or when you forget about them during a busy week).

Click And Grow Smart Herb Garden, $99.95, available at clickandgrow.com.
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Photo: Happy Plugs.
This wireless Bluetooth speaker can play music for up to 15 hours at a time, but the best part is the front grill. You can stick with rose gold or buy a new, interchangeable color or pattern ($10) to brighten up or blend-in-with your room.

Happy Plugs Sound Piece Mini, $99, available at happyplugs.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Samsung.
The small white box is a remote control for your home. You can use it in conjunction with your phone, to control your air conditioning, lights, and music. It also works with Amazon Echo to help you power up (or down) additional devices at your place.

Samsung SmartThings Hub, $99, available at amazon.com.
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Photo: Wayfair.com.
Turn your shower into a spa by upgrading your showerhead. This one comes with seven different settings, including rain and mist. Just add essential oils and you'll go into full-on Zen mode.

Dream Spa Multi Shower, $51.03, available at wayfair.com.