The Hair-Care Step You Should Never Skip

Photo: Courtesy of TK.
When it's the perfect curl we're going for, protecting our locks can take a backseat. But, what can we say? We want it all. Since laying off the heat tools and styling products is not an option, we're turning to four of the best tressed bloggers we know to learn their tricks for maintaining healthy locks while getting this summer's must-have 'dos.
Turns out, they all share a secret: Neutrogena® Triple Repair Hair Care system. The shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment work in tandem to protect strands from styling, so you don't have to put down the curling iron. Ahead, these four bloggers tell us how to get the season's most wanted hairstyles and why they've switched camps to a prep-and-protect routine. Hay hair begone!

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Photo: Courtesy of Beauty Banter.
Before Beauty Banter's Sarah Howard put a curling iron to her hair for these effortless waves, she used Neutrogena's three-step system. Her fave? The leave-in treatment. "It's meant to protect against heat styling over 400 degrees so I thought I’d put it to the test. You know how a curling iron can leave that crunchy crease on your ends? Well, not anymore. This cream not only protected my strands, but it gave my waves more bounce." For Howard's #iwokeuplikethis 'do, wrap the lower half of your hair around a one-inch barrel.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.
"I have been highlighting my hair for the better part of a decade," says Kristina Medhus of Pretty Shiny Sparkly. "So, to keep my hair at its strongest, I'm always on the lookout for advanced hair-care products that'll restore my locks. What I really like about the system is how it's nourishing and restoring, but lightweight, which is perfect for my fine strands. It also claims to make hair three times stronger after just one use, and I'm all about instant gratification!"

Speaking of instant gratification, get a leg up on summer's coolest hairstyle and try Medhus' double-braided "French milkmaid" bun now. Don't worry — it's easier than it looks. Start by splitting your hair into three vertical sections and French-braid the right and left sections. Secure the middle in a half-ponytail — you know, when you don't pull all the hair through the elastic. Then, just pin one braid over and one braid under the half-pony. That's it!
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Photo: Courtesy of Pretty Gossip.
For Pretty Gossip's Mindy Chun, the trio of strand saviors coupled with a braided bun turned her fine hair into a voluminous 'do. "These three products have helped strengthen my hair by reducing breakage and fall-out," she says. "I don’t lose nearly as much hair as I used to."

To get Chun's look, start by pulling your hair into a ponytail and braiding it until the end. Tie the ends loosely with an elastic — this is going to be important. Then, take a small section from the end and hold it tightly as you push the rest of the hair up the length of the braid. See, told you the loose elastic would be crucial! Now, just wrap the remaining section of hair around your newly formed bun and pin.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jay Miranda.
After using the three-step system, Jay Miranda says, "My hair felt like it just drank a big glass of water." For natural-looking volume like Miranda's, let your hair air-dry until it's about 80% dry. Then, wrap your hair around large rollers for lift at the roots. Once it's completely dry, remove the rollers and brush through with a natural bristle brush. Can someone say va-va-voom?