7 Struggles That Only Natural-Haired Girls Understand

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
Even with the natural hair movement in full force, there's no denying that textured tresses come with a slew of #firstworld and not-so-first-world problems. While every hair type has its own trials and tribulations, the curly clan has its own unique annoyances. We're talking frizz, shrinkage, detangling for days — issues that most hair types can't even begin to understand. The struggle is very, very real.

Ahead, we outline some of the problems that many natural-haired ladies experience. Read ahead to share in the pain — and share your own in the comments.
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The Dime-Size Rule Doesn't Apply To You.
Every natural-haired girl knows that that the dime-size serving suggestion on products absolutely does not apply to us. Shoot, even a quarter size won't cut it. A dollar equivalent? Maybe. It takes a whole lot of conditioner to cover a full head of curls, trust.

Ever wonder why ladies with textured tresses have more hair products than others? No, it's not because we're product junkies (okay, it might also be because we're product junkies), but it's mostly because we end up using half the bottle in one day.
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YouTube Tutorials Are Your Best Friend & Worst Enemy
Trying out a new hairstyle you saw on YouTube is a risk for any hair type. But, for those with natural hair, the results can be disastrous. If your overnight straw set didn't turn out right (even after watching every single tutorial you could come across and diligently following each step) — and you have to be at work in an hour — well, thank God for hats.
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Finding A Salon Is Not As Easy As Opening LifeBooker.
Ahh, the struggle — and one that, quite frankly, is sad to see. There are very few stylists and even fewer salons that know how to properly care for natural hair. Although most women who go natural choose to style their own hair, it's still nice to treat yourself to a glamorous blowout every once in awhile, #amIright? Make sure to do your research and ask around before sitting down in an unknown stylist's seat — heat damage is alive and it is real.
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You Dread Wash Day More Than Anything.
You know that gut-sinking feeling you get when you receive that "we need to talk" text? That basically embodies all of the feelings naturalistas have on wash day. The idea of washing, deep conditioning, styling, and drying your hair (for hours on hours on hours) isn't something anyone truly looks forward to doing. But, it's all worth it for that end result.
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People Ask "Have We Met?" When You Switch Up Your 'Do
"Everytime I see you, your hair looks different!" "Wow, your hair is so long!" "I didn't even recognize you!" — these are all common phrases natural-haired women hear when they switch things up. Whether it's blowdrying it straight, getting braids, or just trying out a new style, this somehow suddenly makes you unrecognizable to all of your cohorts.
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When The Weather Won't Let You Be Great
Shrinkage in the rain, puff ball in the humidity — it's a daily struggle.
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People Always Want To Touch Your Hair
The most talked-about and obtrusive of all is the way too-common habit of people reaching out to touch (or, in some cases, pet) your hair. Yes, natural hair is fascinating, we get it, but having strangers' fingers in our freshly washed hair is super rude and will be met with the realest side eye you've ever received. Or, the Raven Symone if you take it upon yourself to touch it without asking. Because, who does that?
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