Naked Men Invade The Streets Of Manhattan For Antony Gormley's Latest Art Exhibit

Typically the only nude males we see on the streets of New York are models on underwear billboards and the Naked Cowboy (we prefer the former). That changed when sculpture artist Antony Gormley placed 31 sculptures of his naked body around the city for a public art show entitled Event Horizon that will be up through August 15th. You can find these cast iron male figures around Madison Square Park and on nearby sidewalks, as well as perched upon rooftops including the historic Flatiron Building. The wide-spread sculpture display, made possible by the Madison Square Park Conservancy , will mark Gormley's United States public art debut—although he has been acclaimed for his work worldwide for the past 25 years. Gormley's buck naked figures have already been causing a stir (with mixed reviews), but we don't really mind seeing a few naked bums on the way to work (as long as they don't belong to some crazy crackheads).

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