Meet Myrrh: Our Latest Accessories Mega-Crush!

Like women on an MI6 mission, we routinely troll Etsy for under-the-radar gear and vintage getups. So, when we recently cased the joint of local lady Mor Elian's Myrrh shop, we had to blow the cover on these jeweled beauties!
All handmade, organic, and completely unique, the geometric adornments are inspired by acrobatic tricks like tightrope walking and trapeze-hanging. Each piece is a sweet contortion of edge and grace that mirrors the maneuvers of an Olympian gymnast.
After you cartwheel through these choice lookbook snaps, you'll be flipping over this find (and the reasonable prices!). Meanwhile, we're headed back to the bunker for more covert ops to uncover for you soon...
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Myrrh Hand-Dyed Neon Ombre Rope Necklace, $48, available at Etsy.
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Myrrh Square Bangle Bracelet, $78, available at Etsy; Myrrh Triangle Cut Out Cuff, $78, available at Etsy; Myrrh Upper Finger Ring, $66, available at Etsy.
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Myrrh Geometric Square Beaded Necklace, $48, available at Etsy; Myrrh Modern Solid Brass Bar Earrings, $40, available at Etsy.
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Myrrh Hand-Dyed Cotton and Brass Chain Necklace, $48, available at Etsy; Myrrh Asymmetrical Brass Ring, $51, available at Etsy.
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Myrrh Hand-Dyed Cotton and Brass Braided Necklace, $64, available at Etsy.