A Stellar Styling Duo Shows Off Its Modern Novato Pad

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 5.]
There’s nothing quite like a put-together power couple to give us an instant spark of inspiration. Dolce & Gabbana, Ray and Charles Eames, Yoko and John — we really fancy ourselves a dynamic duo ‘round here. And if the trusty adage that good things come in pairs proves true, you are in for a very special treat.
Because nothing is quite as aww-inducing as a creative couple collaborating on their craft, we booked it up north to Novato to seek out the husband-and-wife styling team of Jasmine Hamed and Justin Segall. The hip Marin residents work as one to outfit a slew of bodies for top-notch clients like Adidas, BMW, and Sephora, and, naturally, their pad is just as expertly styled. To prove it, we took a tour of their modern casa, lush garden, and eye-catching closets. Prepare for a heavy dose of California dreaming.
Photographed by Christine Ting
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How did you two meet?
Jasmine: "We met while Justin was a sales rep for BETA Project, an S.F. denim startup. He basically saw it as a free ticket to travel Europe. When he was in Amsterdam he didn’t know where to go and a mutual friend suggested he meet with a wardrobe stylist, because they’d know all the local spots. His friend convinced me to meet this ‘new guy in town with a cool clothing line.’ That guy was Justin. It was love at first sight and we’ve been together ever since."

Justin and Jasmine (and their adorable kitty) rest on the sofa of their gorgeous modern home.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Tell us a bit more about your professional backgrounds.
Jasmine: "I started out doing graphic design, but soon realized being in an office environment wasn’t really my thing. I found a gig as a fashion editor for a magazine in Holland and was in charge of doing all the editorials and fashion shoots. After I met Justin we moved to San Francisco to pursue a career together here, and it’s been quite a good move so far. I really enjoy working in the Bay Area. I always thought I’d move to NY, but got very comfortable here. California is so beautiful, and very fruitful."

Justin: "After BETA Project fell apart, I was left in Europe with my future wide open. I started helping Jasmine with shoots and fell in love with photography again. I started shooting, which led to producing, and then decided to focus more on prop styling and set design."

A leather butterfly chair and pretty ottoman in a corner of the living room.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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We love your space. Tell us more about your home.
Justin: "After looking all over the Bay Area, we really lucked out here in Novato. Finally, with the housing market crash and enough money saved, we were able to purchase our first home. It was quite the dump, but we fixed it all up on our own."

Jasmine: "We did everything we could to make it energy efficient. We took away the AC unit, put up a foam roof for added insulation, changed all the windows to double pane, and put insulation in the walls. We installed a whole house water filter, so we never have to buy bottled water again. Our latest project is an ozone system for the washing machine that allows us to only wash on cold with no soap. It's pretty amazing what you can do nowadays to help save the earth."

An overview shot of the sleek living area.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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How would you describe the aesthetic of your house?
Jasmine: "We’ve always loved mid-century modern architecture, and rented an Eichler house in San Rafael (when we first moved out of the city). That house felt like such a vacation, so much that we really knew we wanted a similar house."

Does the work you do influence the décor of your home?
Justin: "Not so much our work, but definitely our traveling. Every time we travel, we try to bring home pieces. This way everything has a story and memory and is not just a décor item with the only purpose being décor."

Jasmine poses against the white-walled entryway.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What is your philosophy when it comes to outfitting your home?
Justin: "I don’t like a lot of stuff, so keeping it simple is a big factor for me."

Jasmine: "Mixing vintage with designer classics. Adding a touch of ethnic, and sprinkle a little DIY in there."

Jasmine and Justin's Persian cat models for the camera.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What is your favorite thing about the house?
Justin: "The open layout. I like the fact that you walk in and you see a big, open living room that looks directly out to the garden."

Jasmine: "The kitchen! I have always wanted to renovate a kitchen. I raised the counters and made it exactly how I wanted."

The unique, custom kitchen is a sight to see. Gorgeous!

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What brought you to Marin?
Jasmine: "We just got so tired of living in the city. I don’t think humans are meant to live in a concrete jungle. The fact that I’m surrounded by rolling hills with gorgeous hiking trails just gives me chills every time I look around me."

Jasmine preparing a pizza with mushrooms that she and Justin foraged.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What are your favorite restaurants and bars in your neighborhood?
Justin: "There’s a great Indian restaurant called Batika. They have really great food, but Jasmine's food is better than any restaurant."

Jasmine: "We hardly eat out. I love to cook and we like eating super clean and healthy. I am careful where we source our ingredients. I only eat fresh and organic and try to stay away from any processed foods. I buy straight from the farm or farmers market."

Nom. The couple exchanges glances while nibbling on pizza.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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How did you accumulate the goods in your home?
Justin: "We find some items thrifting or at garage sales. And then we make some of our own items — like the bedframe and dining table. The sofa was left over from a photo shoot. We try not to consume too many new things."

Photographed by Christine Ting
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How would you describe your personal style?
Jasmine: "Eclectic, bohemian, function-over-fashion."

What about wardrobe favorites — what pieces in your closet do you absolutely adore?
Jasmine: "I love ethnic tunics. I love boots. I love hats. There’s not really one favorite item in my closet. It depends what mood I’m in, and what the weather is doing."

Jasmine leaning against the breathtaking bar.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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We are obsessed with the dining room table. Tell us a bit more about it.
Jasmine: "I always wanted a large dining table, but couldn’t find anything I loved that was in my price range. So, I decided to make it myself. I found two slabs of pine in Sebastopol, and found a guy that could weld the steel legs. A couple of days with a belt sander, I had myself a table."

The large wood table is offset by the white Eames and Bertoia chairs. Um, we can't get over that light fixture.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What does an ideal Novato day look like for you?
Jasmine: "Wake up to breakfast and coffee in the backyard. Then grab the bikes and ride to the park to go hiking. Forage for some mushrooms. Bring the mushrooms home and cook a meal with them. Open a bottle of sulfite-free wine, and invite some friends for dinner."

Fresh ingredients.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Who are your design icons?
Justin: "Jasmine. She can do pretty much anything and make it look good."

Jasmine: "I really love the mid-century architects. Cliff May, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frey, Wexler, Kaufmann, and Joseph Eichler. These guys are my heroes."

Justin catches up on some light reading in the couple's bedroom.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Who are your fashion influences?
Jasmine: "My biggest inspiration is my friend Renu Kashyap. She’s also a fashion editor and stylist in Holland and Ibiza. I also really like this crew of girls called Sisters of the Black Moon."

Justin:: "I like John Varvatos, Marc Jacobs, and Nice Collective."

Some of Jasmine's accessories.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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Any cool styling gigs you are working on?
Jasmine: "I collaborated on a very cool project that is finally coming out mid-April for Adobe. The project let me have complete creative freedom, and made me very happy to be involved."

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What’s one décor item you've still got your eye on?
Jasmine: "I would like a better desk in my office, and am planning to make one from reclaimed wood. Perhaps it will be a floating desk or a corner desk."

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What is your favorite object in the house?
Justin: "The starburst lamp in my office. It was a gift from a family member."

Jasmine: "The vintage Moroccan Marmoucha rug in the bedroom. It's such a joy to step out of bed on a gorgeous rug."

Justin's color-soaked office

Photographed by Christine Ting
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We love the garden — what is your favorite thing to plant?
Justin: "Strawberries. I love how they just go wild after a while."

Jasmine: "Just about anything green. I love kale. In summer I grow about 30 different heirloom vegetables and 20 different herbs. Our mission is to plant a food forest with fruit trees, edible plants, and shrubs. Independence from the grocery store is my goal!"

Jasmine in the lush, plant-laden garden.

Photographed by Christine Ting
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What does your dream house look like?
Justin: "It would be the double-A-frame model Eichler, or a thatched roof bungalow right on the beach somewhere tropical."

What's up doc?

Photographed by Christine Ting