5 Colleges That Are Definitely Haunted

Photographed by Eylul Aslan.
While moving in to your freshman dorm room, did you ever stop to wonder what happened in there before you arrived? Did you check your closet for mysterious marks or the stairwell for odd sounds? As if moving out of the house for maybe the first time isn't scary enough, more than a few universities and colleges come with a ghost or two roaming the halls.
Ahead, we've rounded up five of most convincingly haunted colleges around the country, complete with anecdotal evidence from the paranormal corners of Reddit (when even photos aren't what they seem, all we can trust are our own encounters and stories from fellow investigators).
Read on to discover which schools boast the most ghosts, and let us know if your alma mater has any scary stories in its history.
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Kenyon College — Gambier, Ohio

Considering this small liberal arts institution is nearly 200 years old, it'd be odd if there weren't a few ghosts hanging out by now. And when we say "ghosts," in the plural, we mean it. Spirits have been sighted everywhere from the dance studio (a student drowned in the pool that occupied the building in the 1940s) to the theater (two victims of a nearby car accident). The most frightening (and convincing) encounters have come out of one residence hall, where a student supposedly fell down an elevator shaft between the seventh and eighth floors, which is where the tale below is set.

Anecdotal evidence: "The elevator would constantly take us to the seventh story no matter which floor we pressed. Toilets and showers would go off by themselves, despite us being the only ones on the floor. Alarms had a mind of their own and to top it off if you shined a black light on the wall there was a bunch of weird writing in a style we had never seen. The last straw for us staying in that room was campus security came banging on our door saying their was several 911 hang ups from the room then eventually a woman spoke to them saying send help then hung up. There was no phone in the room."
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Photo: Courtesy of Savanah College of Art and Design.
Savannah College Of Art And Design — Savannah, Georgia

In a city that boasts plenty of ghost stories, the encounters described at SCAD's Oglethorpe House are true standouts. Originally a motor lodge before it was turned into student housing, O-House, as it's called, hosted countless visitors. If only its walls could talk, then we'd know all about the drifters who called the building "home" for a night. Sadly, all we know is that, of all the rooms, number 634, where students have see shadows, heard screams, and noticed disembodied footsteps, is to be avoided at all costs.

Anecdotal evidence: "It was around midterms and my roommate and I were up late working on projects till about 2 or 3 a.m...We were trying to keep the room as neat as possible, so we would push our chairs into our drafting tables before we'd go to sleep. We finally get into our beds, turn out the lights, and go to sleep. We heard footsteps outside our hallway but only by our door going back and forth. No shadows were going past our blinds which was a little weird. We shrugged it off and went to sleep only to wake up in the morning with my roommates desk chair in the middle of the room facing his bed."
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Photo: Courtesy of Schreiner University.
Schreiner University — Kerrville, Texas

This school claims to have eight ghosts in total, seven of which are the departed Harris family, buried on campus grounds. Students report feeling the air grow cold around their graves. Aside from the Harris gravesite, Delaney Hall is easily the most active site at Schreiner: The ghost of a young soldier has been known to appear before residents and salute them before disappearing into thin air.

Anecdotal evidence: "I was using a Ouija board with my roommate in the middle of the day. The curtains were closed, electronics turned off. Nothing happened — until my roommate started to act extremely peculiar. She stood up, taking her fingers from the planchette, and went to her bed, laying on it to where her head was hanging off of the bed. Cheryl kept on repeating the same phrase over, and over, and over. 'She's the Buddhist one, she's the Buddhist one.' This being said, Cheryl is Buddhist, and I am Pagan. I have known her since the second grade, and never has she spoken about herself in third person. I grew extremely uncomfortable and said, 'We are done,' before moving the planchette to goodbye and storing it away in a drawer. Cheryl crawled from her bed and back to the floor, where we had been playing. She kept repeating things again, about how much fun 'they' were having. Note the 'they.' It could have been a slip of the tongue, but it sure as hell didn't feel that way. After one more 'No, Cheryl, we are done,' it seemed as if nothing had ever happened. She seemed to not acknowledge anything had happened and went to watch YouTube videos."
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Ohio University — Athens, Ohio

The veil between this world and the next must be particularly thin in the Buckeye State, as two Ohio colleges have made our list. Between Hat Man sightings, a sealed dorm room due to poltergeist activity, rumors of astral projection, Ohio University has paranormal activity of all kinds to deal with.

Anecdotal evidence: "[My daughter]'s roommate was asleep and she was working on a paper in bed on her laptop. The room was dark except for the light from her laptop. She said she closed the laptop to go to sleep, and as she laid back in her bed, she felt the bed depress and a hand, she could feel fingers and a palm, grabbed her hip. She screamed and jumped out of bed, turned on all the lights. Nothing was there. She called me crying hysterically."
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Washington State University — Pullman, Washington

The most famous ghost of WSU is known as Railroad Sam, since he's normally seen when trains pass through Pullman. He isn't reported to be a malicious spirit, but rather just wants to watch the trains go by. Meanwhile, Regents Hall is said to be haunted by an altogether different sort of spirit: The ghost of a student who died by suicide in the 1970s has been known to open and close closets at random and slam dorm doors — an event that one brave Redditor experienced firsthand.

Anecdotal evidence: "Apparently a senior girl had hung herself in one of the rooms on the eve of graduation one year. Very sad and creepy. The dorm was supposedly haunted by her spirit, and the article claimed that students would complain of random noises and their doors opening and closing. I found this very amusing and decided to tell my roommate. I started telling her the story, and when I got to the part about the hanging, our door, which was definitely closed, flew open violently. I am not exaggerating here, it banged into the closet door (which was located on the wall behind the door) so hard that there was actually a mark on the closet door handle. There was no one in the hall. My roommate screamed, 'Stop talking about it! Stop!' because she was so freaked out. We never discussed it again."