5 Home Habits Of Highly Effective Morning People

Photographed by Julia Robbs.
We all know one: a morning person. The guy who hops onto the subway, smiling, a book in hand. The woman vibing with the radio on her congested commute. The coworker who arrives at the office having just jogged three miles around a park. These people's existence is, at best, dumbfounding — at worst, beyond aggravating. Morning people don't just begrudgingly rouse themselves from sleep to the tune of their dreaded iPhone alarm. They spring forth from a restful slumber spent dreaming about rainbows, and they awake to opportunity and birdsong — or, at least, breakfast.

Here, we've rounded up five home habits of highly effective morning people that you can try for yourself. Let us know in the comments if they work for you!
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Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
They Keep Their Essentials At Hand
A glass of water for those mornings when you wake up parched, a dedicated station for taking out your contacts, assorted reading materials — all of these help you hit the sack in style and wake up ready to go.
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Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
They Take Time For Breakfast
Or at least something like it. Getting into a morning routine that includes some form of sustenance, even if it's as simple as a muffin, can do wonders for your commute and the workday ahead.
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
They Don't Destroy Their Rooms Trying To Decide What To Wear
Avoid allowing that moment of indecision to turn into a half hour of pulling everything out of your closet, chucking it on the ground in frustration, and eventually resorting to the "uniform" you'd picked out in the first place. Don't do this. It is not good.
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Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
They Don't Leave Dishes In The Sink
And they put away any they've left in the drying rack from the night before. This is easier said than done, but taking an extra five minutes (okay, seven) to scrub your plate of residual avocado toastage and pack away the bowls from last night's pasta rampage will make your next meal that much more enjoyable.
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Photographed by Julia Robbs.
They Take A Moment To Be Like, Damn, It's A Beautiful Morning.
When was the last time you actually stopped to appreciate the view out of your own window? Sure, it can be depressing to realize you're headed into the office on another unseasonably warm fall day, but at least it's healthier than logging onto Instagram just to hate-like another fashion blogger's sponsored vacation snaps.
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