This Is How A Beauty Editor Does Her Makeup

We each have our own morning routine — often complete with our tried-and-true source of caffeination, the news outlet we love most, and a few quick scans through emails or texts. Some of us may even avoid hitting snooze in favor of a bit of exercise...sometimes.

Given my profession as a beauty editor, it's no surprise my morning ritual rotates around my everyday makeup routine. I love standing in front of my mirror with my cup of coffee and my favorite products until I feel ready for whatever is on my calendar. I may not be a pro makeup artist, but I have perfected my go-to Monday-through-Friday look.

Want to get ready together? Good timing, because I'm sharing my routine in the video below. Click play to watch me walk you through my favorite morning makeup routine — from concealer to lipstick — then click ahead to shop my picks. Coffee not included.