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Last October, when Korea’s hottest new beauty brand — Moonshot — opened its flagship store in Seoul, the beauty sphere was abuzz with rumors of how the entire place was stripped clean of inventory by frenzied beauty buzzards. The only consolation for all the FOMO I was feeling was that the hype was due to Moonshot’s backing by YG Entertainment, the label behind artists like 2NE1 and Psy — you know, the Korean pop sensation who broke the Internet. But, time has proven that the real reason Moonshot is so hot is its bold and playful products.

In order to establish itself as a serious contender in the K-beauty world, Moonshot partnered with Coson, the cosmetics R&D mastermind and manufacturer behind some of Korea’s biggest beauty brands. If you’re wondering what an entertainment label is doing playing in the makeup world, it’s all about infusing individuality into looks. As one of the top entertainment brands in Korea, YG is known for encouraging an anything-but-cookie-cutter aesthetic.

The funky, eye-popping products mirror this concept, and are made for those who may be too intimidated to delve into color and want to take their makeup beyond a pop of lipstick or a Friday-night smoky eye. To this aim, Moonshot’s created an easy-to-use, multifunctional line of punchy, yet approachable makeup and a few skin-care essentials.

Instead of having YG pop idols slinging its products, the faces representing the yin-and-yang philosophy behind Moonshot are model/actress Sungkyung Lee and model/Louis Vuitton muse Sora Choi. When Lee appeared on Korea’s hit beauty show Get It Beauty demonstrating Moonwalk Cream Paint in Pink Punch, the lip-lacquer-and-blush-in-one sold out immediately and stayed sold out for two production batches to follow. 

Is all this hype making your beauty senses tingle? Click through to discover some of my favorite products from the line.
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Moonshot’s Evolve line is categorized as “eyes, lips, cheeks” because these products are meant to be multifunctional and used all over the face. The Cream Paint has a unique, flat, wide felt tip that mimics the point of a finger. It’s referred to as an “artist’s tip,” and it’s absolutely genius. Its super-soft, yet sturdy head makes the product easy to apply, much like a makeup artist would with his or her fingertip.

The product has the consistency of thick icing, and goes on surprisingly sheer when patted thin over the cheeks as blush and pigmented when swept over the lips as lipstick.

I got my hands on Pink Punch, which is a flamingo hot pink. Even though I don’t think I could go full Beyoncé and wear this on my lids, as a lip lacquer, it’s the easiest lazy-girl solution to taking your makeup look to the edgier side of glamorous.

A better multitasker is Strawberry Gelato, which looks as delicious as it sounds. As a blush, it’s a sheer, blendable coral pink and reminds me of MAC’s Fleur Power, but turned down a few notches so it doesn’t look too clown-ish. My favorite thing about this Cream Paint as a blush is how sheer it gets as you blend it in: No one loves having to redo the face after being too heavy-handed with blush. An added bonus is how it performs as a cross between a lipstick and gloss — the peachy-pink shade is a springtime dream.
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This is a new foundation favorite. The innovative formula is like a happy marriage between foundation and moisturizer, and the gel-like consistency melts into a beautiful, dewy glow when buffed into the face with Moonshot’s Fine Makeup Brush in S101. For me (and many others here in Korea), the results are camera-ready good.
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Jellies are having a moment as makeup's hydrating hybrid of solid and liquid. Because of the Moonwalk Jelly Pot's moisture-infused formula, one touch of the finger to the hyper-sparkly jelly imprints it with a beautifully pigmented shimmer that glides onto wherever it's applied.

Because it's so easy to use, it’s a favorite among makeup artists as well as enthusiasts. The pearly base is versatile, though I find it works best as an eyeshadow. The shade Moon Revenge is a gorgeous, almost rusty Marsala. When gradated around the eye, it gives an enchanting, deep, dusty-rose look.
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The Perfection Dark Spot Concealer performs like a true pro, covering the undereyes and blemishes without creases or wrinkles. Where I find it sets itself apart from others is the formulation, which includes whitening ingredients to slowly transform dark spots into even skin tone. Though I haven’t tried it for long enough to speak to the long-term results, I’m enough of a fan to be onboard.
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Stick Extreme looks like a lipstick, but it has a unique rounded head so that it can be versatile. It also goes on the lids as a cream eyeshadow and the cheeks as a creamy, blendable blush.

Weirdly enough, I’ve found a use for this stick in Cebu Orange outside its usual multitasking a concealer. True to its name, it's a bright, coral orange, but hear me out. Orange is a great color-correcting base for serious undereye circles. Because of how buildable this stick is, it's so amazing at this that I’ve abandoned my former go-to undereye-concealing hack. Dotting the stick under the eyes and patting the color to evenly distribute leaves you with reddish-orange half-moons, but dabbing on and blending out some concealer over this is pure sorcery. Undereye circles: gone.

As a blush, the bright tangerine blends out to a healthy, peachy glow. As a lipstick, the shade goes on creamier and less pigmented than I expected for a warm, natural pink-orange that’s perfect for day or night.

Though I can’t say I would apply Red Shot as an eyeshadow, as a blush, the bright-red shade dotted sparingly over the cheekbones and blended in with warmth from the fingers is lovely. But, where it really shines is as lipstick. It brings old-school Hollywood glamour to the face, and I’ve been relying on it as an easy way to look immediately pulled-together.
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