Thickheaded In A Good Way: Pig Tails Done Right


Name: Flora Hanitijo

Occupation: Photographer

Age: 33

Website/Twitter handle:

Hometown: Macau/Montreal, Canada

Favorite childhood hairdo: "Are you kidding me? Chinese kids had no choice! I wanted to have nice long hair that I could put in a bun for ballet. The kid next to me had lice, and my no nonsense mum gave me a bowl cut/bob for about two decades."

Secret styling weapon: "I am a swimmer, so ultra swim–chlorine removal shampoo and jojoba oil."

What do you love most about your hair?: "I guess it was pretty awesome that I was once able to trade my hair for some breathtaking handicrafts...and that it can double up as brillo." 

What drives you nuts?: "It's so thick and coarse, it's really hard to get a good haircut with my hair. I had a part-Ziggy Stardust, part-Jennifer Aniston circa Friends head of mess for a very, very long time...sucked."

What's a hair move you've always been curious about but have been afraid to try?: "Super short pixie cut but I've been mistaken for a boy before...might be a bit dodgy."

If your hair had a horoscope, what would it be?: "What's the messiest sign? That one."

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