We Love Her Wicked Wisps Of Red With A '70s Slant


Name: Alex Silva

Occupation: Fashion Designer and Wardrobe Stylist    

Age: 25

Website/Twitter handlealexsilvadesigns.com

Hometown: Miami, FL

Favorite childhood hairdo: "Hair wild and down à la Little Mermaid or a French braid."

Secret styling weapon: "Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and Brilliantine." 

What do you love most about your hair?: "The color and texture."

What drives you nuts?: "Baby hair around my face."

Dream 'do?: "Brigitte Bardot hair all the time."

What's a hair move you've always been curious about but have been afraid to try?: "A bob or a pixie-cut." 

If your hair had a horoscope, what would it be?: "I'm already a Leo, and I strive to have lion-like hair all the time." 

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