Model Ragnhild Jevne Stalks An Otherworldly Landscape (In McQueen Armadillos!) In This Month's Velvet



McQueen's Armadillos are the type of shoe that can inspire an entire spread, and stylist Laura Bianchi uses them to perfect effect in this Marcus Ohlsson-shot editorial in the latest Velvet. Model Ragnhild Jevne stalks a dusty, sepia and rust-toned lunar landscape in the claw-like, exoskeletal heels, and her flowing, windblown clothes, and a poufy white afro evoke a surreal '70s mission-to-Mars. The results are slightly creepy but quietly beautiful, like she's a shipwrecked alien lost in another world. And to think—without the 'dillos she'd have been just another beautiful girl wandering the desert. (Fashion Indie)