What We Can Learn From The New Model-Off-Duty Look

Let's take a trip back to 2007, shall we? When Scott Schumann hadn't yet met Garance Dore, and Jak & Jil was all about the YSL Tribute. Remember the revelation that was Model-Off-Duty style? With a slouchy white T-shirt, skinny jeans, suede moccasins, a Chanel crossbody, and a shrunken leather jacket (or an oversized blazer), anyone could achieve that effortlessly done look that simultaneously said "I get it" and "I don't care."
Half a decade later, Model-Off-Duty style has definitely evolved (as have Scott, Garance, Tommy, and the rest of the street-style scene), but we're just as enthralled with models' ability to still fuse those two ends of the glamor spectrum. (And, when your job involves looking good while working 14-hour days, and subsisting on a closet diet of fancy freebies and affordable buys, you'd look like that, too.) Check out the five new ways to do Model-Off-Duty — no platform pump, necessary.
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Photographed by Chantal Adair.
Claire Millar mixes up the seasons with a pair of leather shorts and extra-long overcoat.
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Photographed by Chantal Adair.
We'd be this giddy too in a pretty halter-neck dress and chunky sandals.
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Photographed by Chantal Adair.
We've already expressed the virtues of all white, but a stable and comfy heeled sandal takes it up another notch.
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Photographed by Chantal Adair.
If you don't have a trainer keeping your abs from ab-ing all over your waistline, go for a high-rise pant or skirt to pair with that cropped cami.
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Photographed by Melodie Jeng.
An oversized boxy tee with a frilly short skirt is easy-breezy, but still super chic.