Why The Mock Neck Is The Most Versatile '90s Trend

Illustrated by Alex Marino.
It's no secret that the '90s are continuing to trend hard right now. And while we love that we can simultaneously rock a slip dress and a tattoo choker without strangers asking us if we're going to a themed party, we'll admit that many of the trends from our favorite decade aren't exactly tried and true.

But after perusing the new nostalgic '90s collection at Macy's, we're convinced that one popular silhouette that likely dominated our childhood closets (and began peeking into our wardrobe sometime last year) is still one of the most versatile silhouettes worth investing in this fall: the mock neck. It's the middle child of fashion — not quite a crewneck and not a full-grown turtleneck — but it's the perfect transitional piece. Think about it: You get a few extra inches of warmth for the fall, and you don't have to prematurely commit to the sometimes-stifling embrace of a turtleneck.

The best part is, this throwback layering piece is actually super practical and provides tons of styling options that feel much more café than cafeteria. Ahead, we're showing you the five freshest — and most grown-up — ways to do it.

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Illustrated by Alex Marino.
Work, Work, Work, Work, Work
Sure, the mock neck was a real crowd-pleaser in elementary school yearbooks but, when paired with the right accessories, it has a mature feel. Throw on an iteration with a pair of flared jeans, some statement slip-on heels, and a pair of bold hoops. No one will ever question your preparedness to adult.

Lotfi bag, Reliquia hoops.
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Illustrated by Alex Marino.
Errands & Such
Your never-ending list of errands is perhaps one of the worst parts of being a grown-up, and when you're schlepping all over town, comfort is top priority. Achieve those athleisure goals with a simple mock-neck crop, comfy pajama-esque pants, practical sneakers, and a backpack (so your hands are free to carry more grocery bags, obviously).
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Illustrated by Alex Marino.
Movies With Your Crush
You don't need to sneak off to a double feature to snuggle up to your S.O. anymore, but you can still maintain a coquettish look on date night if that's your style. Try a mock-neck bodysuit with a high-waisted skirt, a solid ankle boot, and a trendy bomber the next time you catch a flick.
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Illustrated by Alex Marino.
Livin' For The Weekends
Weekends don't get any less exciting the older you are, so why not keep your off-duty look playful, yet refined? Put a mock-neck shirt under a jumper and pair it with whimsical accessories for a sophisticated twist on a classic '90s combo.
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Illustrated by Alex Marino.
Backyard Barbecue
As the heat dies down and your pals realize that the days until the first snowfall are finite, invitations to rooftop drinks and boozy park picnics are sure to pile up. For an outdoor-hang session, put a casual spin on a mock-neck dress with a jean jacket, sneakers, and a roomy tote to carry all the snacks.