ALL The Mochi Ice Cream Brands You Can Find At Your Fave Supermarkets

If you're not already mochi-obsessed (much like the Food Team here at R29 is), get ready — because these delicate and sweet little bites are delicious, AF. A rice-paste hailing from Japan, mochi is traditionally stuffed with some sort of filling and can be incorporated in several different varieties (e.g. in confections and soups, etc.). But our favorite form, one that we simply can't seem to shake, is that of ice cream.
What exactly does mochi ice cream look like? Well, it looks a lot like a golfball sized dollop of frozen ice-creamy goodness enveloped lovingly by a soft and smooth doughy coating. Imagine biting into a cookie dough ball filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream — yeah, it's like that (but with rice, so gluten-free!). And although the flavor options can be endless, the actual product offerings out there in the U.S. have a fine cut off line — we've rounded up the only mainstream mochi ice cream brands that we could find stateside. And if these aren't enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, you'll just have to book a trip to Japan for some more mochi munching.