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How To Master Product Cocktailing

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    Martinis, margaritas, cosmopolitans, mojitos, Long Island Iced Teas (shudder)… Our relationship with cocktails over the years can best be described as, “It’s complicated.” Product cocktailing, on the other hand? We’re much more enthusiastic about that one. A tactic used by beauty professionals for ages, product cocktailing involves mixing or layering multiple products together for a unique, enhanced effect.

    Just how a splash of effervescent club soda and some ice cubes can give life to an unappealing shot of warm vodka (well, as much appeal as a shot of warm vodka can have), product cocktailing operates under the belief that a serum can enhance the effects of your leave-in conditioner or that a dab of moisturizer can change your foundation forever. Curious? Click on for eight expert-approved ways to mix your favorite beauty products — minus the next-day hangover.

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