Miu Miu's New Sparkle Shoes Raise The Question: Are You Over Glitter?

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    It was hard to leave the house this year without seeing someone in a pair of glitter-encrusted shoes, and Miu Miu really led the charge with its line of super-sparkly heels, flats, and sneakers in styles that made Dorothy's slippers look pretty darn ordinary.

    The brand's newest collection of Mary Janes continues in the twinkle tradition with styles that not only cover the shoe in shine, but coat the soles in a glitter treatment as well. But, as any woman who's bought into the trend knows, there's only so much glitter you can dig out of your carpet and only so many lame Ruby Slipper comments you can take from strangers before you think twice about taking them out of their double-wrapped, no-spill slip covers.

    Tell us β€” are you so over glitter heels or are you still over the moon about them?

    Miu Miu Mary Janes, $645, available at Miu Miu.

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