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Fashion Rice Krispies Treats: Our New Instagram Obsession

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    Photo: Via Morgan Elias.



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    One of our favorite childhood indulgences was the promise of a sticky Rice Krispies treat post dinner — it was the incentive to gobble up our greens. Fast-forward to present time, and not much has changed. But, instead of shoveling the marshmallow snacks into our mouths like the 4-foot fiends we once were, we're ogling them in the form of art thanks go Instagrammer Jessica Siskin of Misterkrisp.

    After logging time at Elizabeth and James, the fashion alum shifted gears to become the Picasso of cereal snacks, which definitely is a thing. Think Birkin bags, emoji, French bulldogs, and more, formed out of the snappy, crackly, and poppy snacks. We’ve rounded up her must-see masterpieces plus caught up with the marshmallow-wielding genius. Click on for some treats that look almost too good to eat. Almost.

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