5 Things To Know This AM


One of our favorite tattoo parlors in the city, Tattoos By Lou, is suddenly catching flack for their mural of a scantily clad mermaid. After over twenty years. (The New Times)

Revolution Live, a.k.a. The Bourbon Room in Rock Of Ages, is throwing a shindig in celebration of the movie...and it's free! (The 305)

It's no surprise that Miami is home to plenty of new architecture and design — but we also claim to be the place of the Western Hemisphere's oldest building, too. (Curbed Miami)

Miley Cyrus is definitely not wearing any pants. #JustSaying. (Idolator)

Duo Raffa and Rainer talk what they love about their Miami home, and what it's like being folk artists in a nightclub city. (Huffington Post)


Photo: Via Sequins & Stripes