Mick Jagger, James Frey, And More Sketch For Charity



It's not that probable that Mick Jagger, Hanuk Hanuk, and James Frey would all collaborate on the same project, but that's exactly what happened with the launch of environmentally conscious creative shop DBA's 98 Pen. On Friday, literati and gliterati came together to use the new writing instrument on the DBA's Endless Notebook. A selection of sketches, short stories, poems and quotations from the likes of Terence Koh, Georgina Chapan, and Rogan Gregory (all curated by the Accompanied Literary Society's Brooke Geahan) go up for auction tomorrow to benefit Riverkeeper, a charity committed to cleaning up and protecting the Hudson River. The pen, according to Leon Ransmeier, creative director of DBA, is "a daily object which represents a step in the revolution of how we think." It's a "beautiful product with an ecological message and integrity." It's fitting then that the project is entitled "Think Before You Write." Check out the auction here to see how you can put your thinking cap on too.

DBA Pen is available at Project No. 8a at the Ace Hotel
20 West 29th Street (at Broadway); 212-679-2222


Above, sketches by James Frey




Above, sketches by Hanuk Hanuk


Above, from left, sketches by Matthew Modine, Hanuk Hanuk



Above, sketch by Mick Jagger


Above, from left, sketches by David Schwimmer, George Lois