Our Packing List For The Perfect Miami Staycation

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    WMC's around the corner. Ultra is taking over the city. Spring breakers flocking en masse. You are having a bad hair day. Whatever your reason for needing a de-stress sesh might be, there is no better time to take a relaxing, unwinding, totally self-absorbed staycation. Since vacations — with the money, planning, travel time and Facebook uploading involved — end up leaving us more frazzled than we were when we took off, staying in town is often the best and most rewarding idea. And, hello, this is Miami. There is sun, sand, and swim around us already...we just need to allow ourselves to enjoy it.

    Taking our need for a breather into consideration, we've created our ultimate staycation packing list. Oh, and to make sure you keep your need for a little pampering on your radar, we have an amazing Miami vacation giveaway that's a cinch to enter, meaning your luxe weekend in your favorite city is on us!
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