10 To-Die-For Desserts Worth Every Calorie

Just because it’s beach season year-round in this town doesn’t mean we need to forgo our favorite sweet treats every day. In fact, quite the opposite: When the heat is on us, there’s nothing better than a cool cup of gelato or a tart slice of key lime pie to cool us down and remind us that it's important to let calorie counting slip every now and again. From (relatively) guilt-free vegan cookies to over-the-top Cuban cake, here are 10 of our favorite desserts around Miami.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael's Genuine
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Michael's Genuine
Beyond adorable and totally portable, pie in a jar is perhaps mankind’s greatest invention next to cars, the internet, and fire. And, Michael’s Genuine’s pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith (whose cookbook comes out this fall) switches up the pies daily, with flavors like lemon meringue, maple pumpkin, s’more, and seasonal fruit.
Michael's Genuine, 130 Northeast 40th Street (between Northeast 1st and 2nd Avenues); 305-573-5550

Photo: Courtesy of Michael's Genuine
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Dolci Peccati
It’s hard to miss this roving purple temple of ice-cold sweetness. The sisters inside the food truck dispense inventive gelato flavors, like Oreos and cream, salted caramel, and red velvet, along with the usual gelato mainstays served in a cup, cone, or, if you need a kick, affogato.
Dolci Peccati Various locations; 954-632-8551 Photo: Courtesy Julius Mayo Jr. of Droolius.com
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Sweetness Bake Shop
There are enough cupcake flavors here to last you every day for a month ... should you not be dead of sweetness by then. The boozy ones are great post-brunch — Mudslide plus Tequila Sunrise = the tastiest hangover helper. But, the classic (some say original) maple bacon takes, um, the cake.
Sweetness Bake Shop, 9549 Southwest 72nd Street (between Southwest 97th Avenue and Southwest 94th Court); 305-271-7791

Photo: Courtesy of Sweetness Bake Shop
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The Dutch
Andrew Carmellini’s NYC import is our go-to spot for rustic, all-American fare, and his pastry chef puts out pies that taste like Grandma’s very best — but without the sugary canned fruits. (Sorry, Grandma.) Our faves include the sour cherry and the Florida peach — à la mode, of course.
The Dutch, 2201 Collins Avenue (between 22nd and 23rd streets); 305-938-3111

Photo: Noah Fecks for The Dutch
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Om Nom Nom Cookies
Every now and then a girl needs to indulge without, you know, the indulgence factor. Not that Om Nom Nom’s totally vegan confections are health food by any stretch — but the cayenne-infused Mexican snickerdoodles and orange-zested choco chip are totally animal-fat-free, and that’s a consolation to our hips.
Om Nom Nom, various locations, including Panther Coffee, 2390 Northwest 2nd Avenue (between Northwest 23rd and Northwest 24th streets); 305-677-3952

Photo: Courtesy of Wiisa for omnomnomcookies.com
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Joe's Stone Crab
We could hardly do a Miami food roundup without including Joe’s Stone Crab, an institution unto itself. And, while we love to crack a claw now and then, our favorite part is Joe’s famous key lime pie, which is totally un-fancy and served up on a graham crust with a kiss of sweetened whipped cream. Drool.
Joe's Stone Crab, 11 Washington Avenue (between Commerce Street and South Pointe Drive); 305-673-0365

Photo: Courtesy of Joe's Stone Crab
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Atelier Monnier
Sure, it might be a bit of drive, but did we mention that these are quite possibly the best macarons in Miami? Monnier’s bona-fide fancy French fare — including sorbets, cakes, petit fours, and a whole rainbow of delicate macaron flavors — looks like it came out of a gallery, not an oven.
Atelier Monnier, 9563 South Dixie Highway (between Southwest 95th Street and Datran Drive); 305-666-8696

Photo: Courtesy of Atelier Monnier
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Icebox Cafe
Oprah declared this mountain of sweetness — twin layers of chocolate surrounding cheesecake brownies — the best in the country. But a TSA worker suggested that calling something “The Bomb” might be security faux pas at Icebox’s airport outpost, so they changed the name to “Chocolate Delight,” but thankfully not the recipe.
Icebox Cafe, 1657 Michigan Avenue (between Lincoln Lane North and Lincoln Lane South); 305-538-8448

Photography by Tijuana Smith of Po' Man Meals
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When you’re torn, as we often are, between Michy’s bread pudding and the baked Alaska, take our advice: Just order both and hit the elliptical come sunrise. Cognac, raisins, and chocolate do a heady tango in the pudding, and the Alaska meringue dome hides pistachio cake and dulce de leche ice cream.
Michy's, 6927 Biscayne Boulevard (between Northeast 69th and Northeast 70th streets); 305-759-2001

Photo: Gio Alma for Michy’s
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Havana Harry's
You can’t quite call yourself a Miamian if you’ve never been to Harry’s. It’s a bit old school and can be tourist-crazy, but that’s only a testament to its true-blue Cuban goodness. Save room for sweet, custardy flan topped dotted with even more toothsome dulce de leche, or the completely over-the-top cuatro leches cake.
Havana Harry's, 4612 South Le Jeune Road (between Greco and Granello avenues); 305-661-2622

Photo: Courtesy of Havana Harry's