How To Make It In...Miami (The Inspired Way)

While Miami is most certainly a city for the wild and crazy, we can’t all be like that nutty Lincoln Road guy and twirl around in kitten heels while Lady Gaga plays on our portable boom box. And while being a bottle girl at a club on Collins or working as a hostess at a trendy South Beach resto has its perks, there are a number of other local opportunities begging for your participation that'll give you your share of time in the local limelight.
We’ve rounded up the most exciting and noteworthy possibilities around town so you can take your passion and use it for all it’s worth. Might sound a bit cheeseball, but we know you’ve got it in ya, or we wouldn’t be here in the first place.
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Girl Power
The Miami Beach Commission for Women is looking for nominees for their “Women Worth Knowing” annual awards. If you (or a lady you love) have made a difference in the community through volunteer or professional activities, contact Wanda Ortiz, aide to Mayor Matti H. Bower, for more information and a nomination form. Nominations must be received by January 31. Chop chop!

Wanda Ortiz, 305-673-7000, ext. 6487;

Photographed by Vas Andy/Courtesy of The Wordy Girl.
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Be Sketchy
Sketchy Miami is a locally based blog created by Miamians Robby Campbell and Jordan Melnick to support artists and community involvement. The blog’s essential goal is to create a portrait of every Miami local. Residents submit photos of themselves, and Sketchy Miami gets a local artist to create a portrait from the photo using any medium they choose. To become a Sketchy Miami artist, just create a portrait from a photo on the blog’s photo gallery, and submit it back to the blog along with any other information you choose to share. Every Sketchy artist gets their very own artist page on the blog so others can discover you and your work. This is an ongoing effort so no deadlines, but we suggest you don’t wait!

Sketchy Miami.

Photo: Via Sketchy Miami artist Erin Chainani.
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Indie Cred
Retro Indie Market is a local indie retail market taking place on February 11, showcasing vintage and handmade items from local businesses and designers. Flea market pros Amanda Linton and Michelle Parparian created the event to maximize exposure for the most notable local crafters and vintage dealers. While the location is just over an hour out of town, this could be the perfect occasion to start revealing your talented craftsmanship, so fill out a vendor form and join in on the day’s excitement.
Retro Indie Market, Saturday, February 11. Boynton Beach Women’s Club, 1010 South Federal Highway.

Photo: Via Retro Indie Market.
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Fashion Frenzy
Passionate about fashion, whether it be through design, photography or graphic arts? If you’re ready to get recognized for your work, take a look at the different competitions being held in collaboration with Miami Beach International Fashion Week. There are contests channeling many different aspects of fashion production, from an emerging designer award to student fashion photography recognition. The deadlines are approaching quickly, but the prizes are worth every ounce of effort, so hop to it!

Deadline: January 30, 2012; submission details found through the MBIFW website.

Photo: Via Miami Fashion Week.
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Studio Dreams
Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the development of South Florida’s emerging artists by providing resources and support. They are currently looking for artists interested in joining their movement through becoming a participant of the BAC Juried Artist Studio Program. This program is intended to offer a select group of passionate artists the facilities and opportunities to further their creative growth. Did your stomach just do flops of glee? To start your application process you must submit a biography, statement of intent, resume and artist statements with a CD of at least ten images of your work. A panel of local artist professionals then views the applications and decides who takes the cake.

Deadline: April 1, 2012; submission details found through the BAC website.
Bakehouse Arts Complex, 561 NW 32nd Street; 305-576-2828.

Photos: Via Bakehouse Art Complex.