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Luxury Luggage Made Specifically For Your Jeans

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    There are few travel-related headaches more annoying than arriving at your destination only to realize that every single item of clothing you've brought has been wrinkled, tortured, and smushed into oblivion. If you're the type to treat your clothes — jeans included — as delicately as you treat yourself, we beg you to check out this insane piece of luggage.

    Luxury furniture maker Method Design teamed up with Denham denim to come up with a wooden steamer trunk to house, transport, and pamper your beloved jeans, in serious style. "Worshipping tradition while destroying convention," the duo spent over 300 hours constructing a trunk that's unlike anything you would normally think to shlep your jeans around in.

    The solid-ash wood luggage case is light, thanks to a plane wing skeletal framework and birch skins, lined with hand-stitched leather seams, and it comes furnished with a denim supply carousel (spare buttons, rivets, thread spools), garment-securing methods, stacking shelves, and a tiny work station. Though it's probably not as handy for a weekend trip as your Samsonite, serious denim-philes might consider this their version of the Louis Vuitton trunk. Although, you can't actually buy the trunk, since there's only one in existence at present. You can, however, check out the prototype at the 100% Design Exhibition if you're in London between September 22 and 25, in Earls Court.

    Photo: Courtesy of Sane Communications
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