30 Candid Met Gala Snaps You Haven't Seen (But Need To!)

By now you've most likely feasted your eyes on all the punkalicious (or less than punkalicious) red carpet looks from last night's Met Gala, and probably experienced major FOMO. Well, just so you feel fully sated, here's another sartorial chow-down to savor.
We've captured the photos you've been craving, but haven't seen yet: off-the-cuff street style snaps of some of your favorite celebs and their amazing wardrobes. With Nicki Minaj blowing us kisses, Alec Baldwin looking like a BAMF, and the faces of excited onlookers — we're really starting to believe we were actually there... or were we?!
Click through for 30 of the best, most unexpected snaps of the 2013 Met Gala.
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Amanda Seyfried emerges from her town car.
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Miranda Kerr bares all.
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A flurry of feathers.
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We're loving these dramatic shoulders on Bella Heathcote.
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Damien Lewis channels his alter ego, Nicholas Brody.
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The eager crowd gawks at the A-listers.
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Brights on brights.
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It's easy looking green when you're Uma Thurman.
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Amare Stoudemire suits up.
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A daring pair of heels.
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A look at the lucky crowd inside the tent.
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Constance Jablonski shows off a golden Wes Gordon number.
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Rachel Roy waves to the crowd.
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Candid camera.
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White hot.
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Tommy Hilfiger in some serious tartan.
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Kate Beckinsale greets the NYPD.
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The always controversial Kim K is certainly in full bloom next to bf Kanye West.
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Animal print on animal print.
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Colin Firth looks dapper, as always.
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Now that's a bouffant!
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Leopard gets edgy.
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Ashley Greene pairs punk hair with a ball gown.
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Footwear goes casual — how punk!
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Nicki Minaj, in all-out curls, greets her fans.
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Lily Aldridge heads into the party looking demure in yellow.
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Orange hair, don't care.
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We're loving that smoky eye.
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Alec Baldwin tied in a bow.
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Sarah Jessica Parker steals the spotlight with her crowning glory.