10 Guys' Must-Buys To Wear For The Holidays

We're all about embracing trends. The rolled-up pant. Colored shoe laces. The half tuck. But, we realize that not all dudes can get into whatever Details or V is pushing this season, and we know that for some guys, shopping for clothes rings in at about last place when it comes to weekend warrior-ing.
Unfortunately, the holiday season means holiday parties, and we want to make sure you men look your best in front of your bosses/in-laws/crushes. If you don't have a crisp white button-down or two, start there and take those stained or tired shirts out of rotation. Then, bookmark this guide to seasonal essentials (you know, things like a suit that actually fits, go-anywhere boots, a crew-neck sweater...) that we think every guy should add into their rotation of go-to staples. Unlike your female counterparts, you can bust these festive items out again and again — even after Christmas. And, our editor-in-chief wants us to remind you: Please don't leave the house with your hair all messed up...swipe a little product before you hit that spiked eggnog. We guarantee you'll get some action underneath the mistletoe this year....if you listen to us, that is.
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The Suit That Fits

No more baggy suits, we beg you! This cord option has the Bonobos signature fit — not too loose, but not super-tight — that makes you look taller and leaner, and (if you care) your ass look amazing. Plus, grab more bang for your buck by wearing the pants or blazer solo for an insta-casual look. For such a sharp suit, the price really is quite right.

Bonobos Navy Corduroy Suit, $570, available at Bonobos.

Photo: Via Bonobos.
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The Nice Plaid Shirt

Plaid is always rad around this time of year, and this classic option is less slouchy and more slick than some of its sloppier cousins. (The red and green works after Xmas, promise.) Wear it under a blazer or sweater, or let it hold its own with a tie and jeans — either way, you'll look, well, rad.

J. Press Flannel Dress Gordon Button-Down, $73.50, available at J. Press.

Photo: Via J. Press.
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The Dress Up/Dress Down Overcoat

There are times when wearing a puffy coat just ain't going to cut it, so get your hands on this traditional, last-forever offering from FSC. It's a lil' slim, so you won't look like grandpa...

Freemans Sporting Club Harris Tweed Slim Overcoat, $855, available at Freemans Sporting Club.

Photo: Via Freemans Sporting Club.
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The Universal Boot

You need shoes to wear with your suit. You need shoes to wear with your denim. Voilà, we've found the perfect pair c/o Suit Supply — get them treated (or do it yourself), so they can endure the snow, and then let them get a little (but not too, too) beat-up. The dark color means they'll go with anything, anywhere.

Suit Supply Shoe, $329, available at Suit Supply.

Photo: Via Suit Supply.
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The Seasonal Scarf

Your neck is cold, we know. Don't be afraid to accessorize. This wool scarf, made in Ireland, has a houndstooth pattern that lends itself to casual weekends in Brooklyn or impressing the bouncer at the Boom Boom Room.

John Hanly Houndstooth Scarf, $65, available at Barneys New York.

Photo: Via Barneys New York.
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The Festive Sock

Inject instant festivity into any outfit with these rudolph-red socks. A little pop of color goes a long, long way.

J. Crew Rugby-Stripe Socks, $12.50, available at J. Crew.

Photo: Via J.Crew
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The Tie Alternative

A nice option when you don't want to wear a tie, tie. It's not for everyone, but we dare you to try it. It's clip-on, so don't be scared.

Beau Ties Ltd. Wassail Bow Tie, $45, available at Beau Ties Ltd.

Photo: Via Beau Ties Ltd.
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The Perfect Jean

Not baggy at all, but not skinny either (that trend is waaaay over). The color means it's super versatile and super stain-resistant, too.

Naked & Famous Weird Guy Indigo Selvage Jeans, $126, available at Park & Bond.

Photo: Via Park & Bond.
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The Crewneck Sweater

Everyone should own a gray crewneck sweater. Repeat: Everyone should own a gray crewneck sweater. This J. Crew baby is crazy budget-friendly for cashmere...trust us, you'll want to wear it everyday (but don't).

J. Crew Cotton-cashmere sweater, $45, available at J. Crew.

Photo: Via J. Crew.
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The Everyman Hair Product

Smells good, looks good. Easy to use, easy on the eyes. That's all.

Jack Black High Definition Hair Pomade, $18, available at Neiman Marcus.

Photo: Via Neiman Marcus.

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