9 Stylish Fellas Weigh In On Your Favorite Trends (Some Surprises Included)

First off, we know not everyone cares what guys think about their outfits—we fashionable ladies get dressed for ourselves, because looking good makes us feel good, too. But hey, we're still curious about what goes on in a dude's head when we cruise past in high-waisted pants or hit the town with a bright fuchsia-slicked pout. Love it? Hate it? Couldn't care less?
We had to ask, and since we wanted thoughtful, sincere answers from guys who really get personal style, we went straight to the most well-dressed, sartorially-savvy Washingtonians we know. DJs, clothing designers, photographers, and editors—each one weighed in with nuggets of fashion wisdom that ranged from helpful to hilarious. Even if you don't take their advice, we guarantee you'll be surprised by it.
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Eliot Payne, bow tie designer for Accoutre

"I'm not entirely sure if it's an increasing trend or just that I've been noticing it more, but over the past year, I have been loving looks that are inspired by menswear, whether it is straight up or deconstructed into something more feminine. I've seen some great shoes out there. A woman in a tie or bow tie (and not saying this because I make them, I swear)? Sold."
"Bold, bright colors [and] patterns. I enjoy things that liven up what might otherwise be an ordinary outfit. Colored jeans, patterned tights, bright lips (fuchsia is my fave)."
"While this hasn't shown up much yet, I am excited that Pantone's color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango. I'm a sucker for brights, but oranges are my favorite."

"A seasonal trend that seems like it will never die: UGGs. Ugh."
"D.C.'s bag tax seems to have another unintended consequence: Some women use their reusable grocery bags to haul their lunch/gym clothes/whatever to work. They should probably meet up with the guys who wear backpacks with suits."
"Oh, and I know this was more of a spring/summer thing, and wasn't all that big, but I have to get it off my chest. That feathers-in-the-hair thing? Hate."
"Lord knows how many times people have talked about D.C.'s boring J.Crew/Ann Taylor wardrobe. To me, the problem isn't with buying clothing from traditional or conservative brands, but in sticking with the stock look. Men and women alike could benefit from having some fun with those pieces: mix and match, add in something bold, etc. Small changes can make a big difference."

UGG Australia Maylin Boot, $249.95, available at Nordstrom; H&M Blazer, $59.95, Blouse, $39.95, and Skirt, $39.95, available at H&M.

Photo: Courtesy of Eliot Payne
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Gavin Holland, DJ

"A lot of people may not know this, but I'm a huge fan of Georgetown women's style.  I'll take advanced preppy over safe hipster any day."
"I don't know much about current women's fashion trends, but I did get into a debate the other night about whether or not high-waisted jeans make girls' butts look good. My answer was no, but yes.  They give you ''70s-butt look,' which is humorous, and therefore flirty, and therefore attractive."

"D.C. is known to be plagued with ultra-conservative fashion, so anything fun instantly gets points in my book. The most heinous faux pas that I keep seeing in D.C. is shared by men and women, and that is wearing your work clothes to go out on a Friday or Saturday night. You didn't fool anyone! Put on something more aggressive!"

Stella McCartney Iris Tailored Wool-Twill Blazer, $1,295, available at Net-a-Porter; image via United Colors of Benetton.

Photo: Courtesy of Gavin Holland
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Chris Svetlik, photographer

"I find thick black-and-white stripes to work well in a lot of different contexts. Conservative from a color standpoint, but bold in contrast and repetition, this is classic and striking. Another good one: when a woman pulls off a hint of Western influence well — a good fitted-and-frayed denim jacket or some well-worn cowboy boots can go a long way in introducing much-needed homespun approachability to the overly staid D.C. aesthetic.

"Almost always, 80's-influenced anything is not going to end well — [it's] nostalgia for a decade that just didn't create much that's aesthetically worth a throw-back. The '80s influence that creeps into the hipster look always strikes me as clumsy and ends up rubbing me the wrong way."

Forever21 Polka Dot Flowers Top, $13.80, available at Forever21; Mason By Michelle Mason Striped Open-Knit Wool and Cashmere-Blend Sweater, $315, available at Net-a-Porter.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Svetlik
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Niko Sommaripa, management consultant

"One look I've been a total sucker for lately is the wide-cut, loose-fitting tank top that, from the side, shows a lot of bra. It's tough and it's sexy. But it's also starting to be over-worn... sigh."
"Ultimately, it all comes down to a smart, fun, and genuine look. Smart — it needs to fit right and the pieces need to work well together. Fun — you have to have fun; otherwise, what's the point? Genuine — wear something you sincerely like, something that feels good, and above all, something that you feel at home in.

"I've seen some people rocking the '80s oversized sport jackets — this is hit or miss. The jacket has to fit right. Obviously the look is big, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to fit right."
"While we're on the '80s, I've also noticed some high-waisted women's jeans. These too have the potential to be very sexy, but also risky if the rest of the outfit doesn't compliment them."

Alexander Wang Cropped Front Tank, $295, available at FarFetch; American Apparel Dark Wash High-Waist Jeans, $80, available at American Apparel.

Photo: Courtesy of Niko Sommaripa/Lyza Perrenoud
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Philip Soriano, service and operations for Hugh & Crye

"In general, I appreciate any woman whose style that is a slight remix of something classic, or a subtle blend of two styles that you otherwise wouldn’t put together — whether that twist be through color, like [pairing] purples and reds, or substituting [a chain necklace] for pearls on an Audrey Hepburn look. I really enjoy that creativity, the ability to expand a particular look just by slightly altering one piece of it."
"Other than that, I appreciate simple accessories — the bracelets or necklaces that have different meanings and are of sentimental value rather than trend-oriented. Guys automatically think, 'There are memories behind [this], she collects things, she’s thoughtful, she looks good' and it caps off the outfit. Who doesn’t find that attractive?"

"The female peacock: Logos, bright colors, and/or revealing clothing. Nobody wants to see the female equivalent of the contrast paisley cuffs."

Tommy Hilfiger TH Intarsia Sweater, $69.50, available at Tommy Hilfiger; J.Crew Cashmere V-Neck Sweater, $168, available at J.Crew, and No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Sequins, $695, available at J.Crew.

Photo: Courtesy of Philip Soriano
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Joshua Cogan, photographer

"My favorite thing always is when a woman modifies, curates, augments, or otherwise puts personality into her wear. The more handmade, the better; the less off-the-shelf, the better. I find that D.C. is a place where people live their ethics, and that extends to clothing — consciously consumed, fair-traded, sustainably manufactured are all big pluses in my book. I also feel like there is generally a level of detail and craftsmanship in these brands that draws my eye.

"I don't consider myself much of a man of fashion, but as an artist who often works in more corporate circles, I do often notice how uncomfortable most people look in their workwear. I like for people to be comfortable, and — having ironed a few shirts last-minute to go to Capitol Hill — I know when we are retrofitting ourselves [so as] to not make waves in D.C.'s somewhat confined fashion palette, and that always gives me shivers."
"Don't straighten your hair [or] put on too much makeup — [being] a little disheveled doesn't make you a hot mess, it just makes you human and approachable."

Bellezza Lumino Ceramic Flat Iron, $68, available at Folica; Nicole Miller Indego Africa Shorts, $65, available at Nicole Miller.

Photo: Courtesy of Joshua Cogan
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Michael Clements, Washington Life executive editor

"More women in D.C. are taking the time to hit vintage stores and search Etsy, Gilt, etc, to find unique pieces in order to develop unique style."

"The painted-on K Street tube dress. Ladies, you're not Snooki — the bottle service hostesses wear them because its their job."
"The omnipresent black coat. Get out of your comfort zone and add some texture, color or cut."

Forever21 Cutout Curves Dress, $19.80, available at Forever21; Vintage Jerry Gilden Party Dress, $268, available at Thirteen Bees Vintage.

Photo: Courtesy of Michael Clements
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Jonathan Neman, Sweetgreen cofounder

"I like the whole [high-waisted] pants look if she can pull it off."
"There's nothing like a beautiful girl in high-top Chucks."

"Oh, who doesn't love pants with words on the butt?"

Victoria's Secret Pink Boyfriend Pant, $44.50, available at Victoria's Secret; Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi, $50, available at Piperlime.

Photo: Courtesy of Jonathan Neman
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Mauro Farinelli, menswear designer for Wolf vs Goat

"Winter is a time to accessorize. There are plenty of options for dressing warmly and still looking attractive. There’s no excuse for standing outside a club, shivering in a mini skirt and heels in the dead of winter."

"Unless you’re a personal trainer and you’re pairing those sneakers with jogging pants and a tank top, you have no business wearing them. When you’re only stylish from the ankle up, you’re announcing to the world that you just don’t care. You don’t have to ruin your feet with four-inch heels, either. There are plenty of stylish flats and sexy boots out there [that] are actually pretty comfortable."

Puma Pumagility Sneakers, $85, available at Zappos; Nasty Gal Cropped Aviator Jacket, $88, available at Nasty Gal.

Photo: Courtesy of Mauro Farinelli