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As much as we revere the women who pioneer intrepid style, there's something so irresistible about our male counterparts who show off particular sartorial smarts. From the Hollywood heartthrobs and OG hipsters to the modern-day billboard fixtures, these men look really, really good, and also serve as the ultimate style stars of their respective eras. Put the battle of the sexes aside: Men's style is a totally different game, and these 15 history makers have made it all their own. From cravats to corduroys, check our favorite batch of fellas whose cultural contributions are so much more than their job titles.
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Paul Newman — A true icon of film and philanthropy, Newman's masculine and laid-back style was elevated by his naturally good (like, really good) looks. Oxford shirts, boat shoes, tweed blazers, khakis: These may be fairly traditional menswear pieces, yet Newman made them all his own.

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Bob Dylan — As one of, if not the, original hipsters of New York, Dylan's easy style leaves much to celebrate. Jeans and striped T-shirts, leather jackets, and a messy man 'do pretty much sum up one of the coolest dudes in style and in song.

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David Beckham — Sometimes it's Beckham's lack of clothing that keeps us talking about the soccer star, father, and Mr. Posh Spice. But, off the field, the tattoo-covered icon has truly set the tone for men's trends, be it a mohawk, those infamous knit beanies, his causal layering of hoodies and buttons downs, or a classic trench. Style inspiration for the modern family man? This Brit is It.

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Jimi Hendrix — The '60s music megastar had the ultimate stage style, and brought it to the streets, as well. Hendrix epitomized the fashion of the era with bell-bottomed pants, fringed anything, and headscarves over a wild coiff. We also credit and admire his bold color palettes, rich mix of patterns, and piled-on jewelry that made his no-holds-barred looks complete.

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Ralph Lauren — We can't possibly leave out the man whose name is synonymous with classic all-American style. Denim on denim on denim? He did it best, and men and women alike embraced his effortless and preppy influence on the fashion world.

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Steve McQueen — One word: smokeshow. The endlessly cool American actor epitomized ivy league style — always ruggedly handsome onscreen and off. However, we also love that the racing enthusiast was not afraid to get a little more gritty when it came to the tracks.

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Run DMC — Sweats and tracksuits may not be what normally land on our inspiration list, but when it comes to rap legends Run DMC, we definitely change our tune. The NYC rappers of the '80s and '90s knew how to keep their style looking fresh and unexpected, mixing Adidas with heavy chains, Kangol hats and Cazal eyewear in some of their most iconic looks.

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Jefferson Hack — It's no surprise that the man behind one of the UK's coolest fashion magazines, Dazed and Confused, is equally fascinating when it comes to his own sense of style. Sure, he's dated supermodels (Kate Moss and Anouck Lepère, for instance), but the journalist and man about town has his own love of amazing fashion and penchant for labels such as YSL, Rick Owens, and Maison Martin Margiela.

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Cary Grant — While it may be easy to be upstaged by co-stars such as Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman, we have a hard time keeping our eyes off of Grant. Besides his dreamy movie-star demeanor, he was also very in tune with his duds, making sure his clothing was made and worn with attention to detail and quality. A true bespoke babe.

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Pharrell Williams — Williams is definitely a man of many talents, including being a rapper, producer, and clothing designer, but his personal fashion POV is equally multi-dimensional. Be it buttoned all the way up, or going a bit more downtown grunge, his look is consistently fresh and always cool.

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David Bowie — To this day, Bowie's been the artist synonymous for glam rock. His flamboyant wardrobe, as well as bold beauty moves (fiery mullets and theatrical makeup) wowed his fans on stage, but we kept a close watch after the alter egos took a bow. His sartorial volume may have turned down a bit (with the lack of sequins, that is), but Bowie always kept a real spark, making each ensemble feel extra special.

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Tom Ford — Whether his former reign at Gucci, or now his distinguished namesake collection, Ford has the uncanny ability to make women look sexy and elegant (Gwyneth's Oscar cape is just one recent example). And, when it comes to the designer himself, he is the master of sleek formal menswear, often donning classic suits of rich fabrics that are always tailored to impeccable perfection. 

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Prince — With an attitude as smooth as the silk of his button-downs and suits, Prince has no problem turning up the sex appeal or the theatrics when it comes to his personal style. Few other men have worked a ruffled collar with as much panache as this Grammy winner, and beyond the stage, his sartorial choices are equally inspired.

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André 3000 — Even though it's been a while since we've heard this rapper rock an Outkast verse, if his tunes weren't enough to stick in your head, his style most definitely did. Unafraid to be bold, flashily, and rule-breaking, André 3000 experimented on and off stage with everything from rancher's overalls, to the dandiest bowtie, and every inspired step in between. 

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Tyler Brûlé — Beauty and brains are a killer combination, but when it comes to Brûlé it may also be a combination for success. The Britain style star and journalist is the voice behind Wallpaper and The Monocle, as well as a shining example of sophisticated masculine style that's crisp, classic, and a bit collegiate.

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