Men In China Are Getting In On The Crop Top Trend, Too

Lithe young creatures in Williamsburg aren't the only ones baring their midriffs this season. Chinese ban ye —"exposing grandfathers" in Mandarin—are pulling up their shirts to stay cool during the summertime heat. Considered uncouth in China, these gentlemen of a variety of ages, social standing, and—unfortunately—stomach sizes, have fallen victim to the fashion faux pas in order to not fall victim to the temperature outside. There have been efforts to try and quell shirtlessness in general, with government-officiated "civilization" initiatives, and newspapers printing images of shirtless men in order to shame them into compliance, but all its done is force men who want a belly breeze to wear their shirts crop-top style with a hilarious "F the Man" panache. Whether intentionally subversive or not, the looks are just plain practical. "Right now, I couldn't care less about my public image," said bare-bellied sales rep Cai Keqing. "It's just too hot." (LA Times)

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