Meet Fashion's Newest Game Changers

The most gorgeous qualities of the most stunning people we know have nothing to do with eyelash lengths or chin shapes, and everything to do with a sense of adventure, fiery confidence, and willingness to not do things the same ol' way.

This year, we're celebrating exactly that kind of beauty with The New Provocateurs — introducing you to the coolest, most inspiring, rule-bending women in every industry, starting with fashion.

Inspired by the trendsetters at Revlon, we set out to discover what makes the fashion world's bravest really stand out. We tracked down 15 game changers — those designers, retailers, stylists, photographers, and PR powerhouses disrupting the industry's status quo — and shot them wearing their favorite outfits and most daring makeup looks (with a little help from Revlon, of course). Each woman here has a trailblazing story, a unique concept of beauty, and a whole lot of guts. Who knows? Maybe they'll inspire you to provoke some change of your own.

Meghan Folsom

From outside the velvet rope, the idea that the fashion industry can be fun and inclusive seems rather radical. And, yet, that's what Meghan Folsom is doing every day. With her partner Lauren Abend at Mega Mega Projects, she seeks out small designers looking to become big brands, offering them not only promotional help but also the advice these young businesses need — all with a blithe, cheeky spirit.
After extensive experience in the styling world, including a four-year stint at Harper’s Bazaar, Folsom saw that it wasn't always talent or drive that led brands to succeed (or fail). It was direction. That's one of the reasons she quit a high-profile fashion gig — she felt stuck on a certain path and wanted to forge her own way. Now, rather than feed into the exclusive nature of the fashion biz, Folsom uses Mega Mega to help people with big ideas get their foot in the door. Radical, right?
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How I'm changing the game
“You know, I was a creative kid that could make almost any boring situation into a fun game or art project. I still always use an honest and open approach to whatever I do. Our job is to make a lot of noise for emerging designers. But, with Mega Mega, we’re creating something that’s real, genuine, and fun — something that people want to be a part of. We invite people in, rather than sticking PR down their throats. I don’t want to have a fashion business of exclusivity. We’re trying to create one that has an open door. I want fashion to be fun in a way that makes people feel empowered and inspired.”
When I feel most glamorous
“I don’t think it’s so wrapped up in my appearance. I like to think that I’m dynamic, fun, and smart, and that’s why people are drawn to me. It’s about being a total package of a woman. That said, I feel really glamorous when I wear a long, vintage silk kimono around the house.”
How I find a balance
“I go to my house upstate almost every weekend. It may be a PR no-no for me to peace out of the city so frequently, but in order for me to be great at my job, I have to surround myself with nature every chance I get.”
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Hair by Bethany Brill; Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Styled by Laura Pritchard