From Bar To Waterfront: A Walk With Le Style Child, Rachel Schwartzmann

New York City belongs to feisty up-and-comers like Rachel Schwartzmann. Though, well known (and beloved in our offices) as the blogger behind Le Style Child, she has way more credentials than a cute lady with a laptop. She's interned for Rebecca Minkoff and Jeffrey Campbell, written for the Huffington Post, publishes yet another blog The Style Line, all while enrolled at FIT. She's even hung with Carine Roitfeld (jeez!). But, at heart she's a girl on the move, soaking up as much fun as she can in this big city. Apparently an expert on good times, indoors and out, this upstart slipped on her Clarks and took a walk with us while sharing favorite West Side spots, her theories on good street style, and what's in her big, black bag. Care to step out with us?
Photographed by Aaron Richter, Styled by Claudia Cifu, Hair by Sera Sloane Bishop, Makeup by Tiffany Patton.
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First Stop:
La Bottega, The Maritime Hotel, 363 West 16th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues); 212-243-8400

Charlotte Ronson denim jacket, Chinti and Parker shirt, H&M skirt, Clarks shoes, Dries Van Noten scarf, Erickson Beamon pink stone bracelet, Giles & Brother gold bracelet, Mawi spiked bracelet.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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All-Purpose Playroom:
"I love the energy here. It's a place that's appropriate for day and night (the outdoor patio area is especially perfect for summer nights). Indoors, it's fun to kick back, relax, and maybe indulge in a game of pool. And, considering it's part of the Maritime Hotel, you definitely can't go wrong coming here."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Local Love:
"The Meatpacking District gives me an idea of how New York used to look, of its old aesthetic. It's charming and one of the many reasons why I spend so much of my leisure time there."

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Street Smarts:
"On the sidewalks, my attitude is always relaxed, but aware. In NYC, you have to be keyed in to your surroundings. Luckily, I'm naturally very observant and pretty focused on what's going on. Hopefully, though, I'm not always reflecting what I'm thinking outwardly in my facial expressions. Eeek!"

Relaxed, but appropriately tough for the streets, Rachel's choice of shoe is certainly keyed into her stylish surroundings.

Clarks Mission Aston Boot, $175, available at Clarks.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Dress Code:
"I've always said I really know how to dress from the waist down, so most of the time I'll wear a plain white or black T-shirt and edge it up with fun accessories or a sleek blazer. If in doubt, you can never go wrong with sporting black on black — it's the unwritten NYC uniform!"

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Second Stop:
Pier 51 at Hudson River Park, 12th Street and West Side Highway.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Waterfront Property:
"Pier 51 and Hudson River Park are open to everyone, and the view from the boardwalk is absolutely gorgeous. Like La Bottega, you can plan an outing any time of the day. With all the jogging, walking, and picnicking, it's really alive — a very different side of NYC."

Charlotte Russe jacket, Lover dress, Miu Miu slip, Clarks shoes, R&Em bag, Erickson Beamon earrings.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Well Heeled:
"Generally, I opt for a comfortable flat or mid-heel if I'm going on appointments. If my day includes a mix of seeing friends, meetings, and shooting for my blogs, then I'm more selective and will usually brave the streets in some fun, flirty heels!"

Clark's Wessex Arms Platform Heels, $125, available at Clarks.

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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In My Bag:
"I often find myself with a large leather bag because, generally, I'm carrying a LOT: My iPad, DSLR camera, wallet, a book or magazine, a bottle of water, some lipstick, and every girly accouterment needed for my day-to-day activities. I say, cater your items to what you're doing, and make sure it's not too heavy to have with you from day to night!"

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Sidewalk Inspiration:
"NYC plays host to so much unexpected inspiration. In certain areas, you expect a different style — but everyone's personal take on those styles is so incredibly fascinating. I never get tired of people watching in areas like SoHo and, of course, the Meatpacking District!"

Photographed by Aaron Richter
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Street Style Is... "I think street style and style, in general, goes far beyond just material clothes. It's a way of embodying your lifestyle and reflecting your identity. Yes, to have great street-style means looking aesthetically pleasing. Having the right attitude and a sense of confidence, though, is the icing on the cake."

Photographed by Aaron Richter