Miami's Freshest Shoe Designer Lets Us Into His Sweet Sunset Island Casa

When we first spotted Matthew Chevallard, our once-over lingered particularly long on his camo slippers —they were badass, elegant, and just so good. Since then, we've learned he's the dude behind Del Toro, a line of shoes — oxfords, espadrilles, and wing tips — that have started popping up in droves on the toes of editors and A-listers alike. So, we were mega amped when the super laid-back designer (we're talking Judd Apatow movie laid-back), let us into his cluttered-cool Sunset Island home for a chill hang. Look for bright colors, collectable sneaks, and one happening desk in our exclusive pics of his bachelor pad, plus a golden lab and a white German shepherd that will make you go aww. Did we mention he makes custom pairs? Yeah, man. We'll send you a pic when ours come in. Do the same, won't you?
Click through to meet the man behind Miami's coolest shoes, and check out his super-chill Bachelor Pad.
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Matthew Chevallard in his very full office.

How did you start Del Toro and why?
"Del Toro started in Palm Beach six years ago. Myself and two friends wanted bespoke slippers to commemorate our boarding school experience during graduation, but we soon realized that our only option was upwards of $900 and would take 9-12 months.

A lot has changed since that original idea, but that that is how I got my foot in the door in the industry. I founded it with two friends but took it over three years ago from them and changed the vision significantly. Our original business model was bespoke velvet slippers and it has evolved enormously ever since. We had one style shoe and color to start, and I have close to 50 different products of shoes and belts. It shows where and how we are developing. My vision now is honing Del Toro as a luxury lifestyle brand."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"Sneakers...sneakers....More sneakers. I've had a vast collection ever since I was a kid. Bathing Ape, Lanvin, Common Projects, Nike, and Bally are some of my favorites. All these dont see any light since I started doing Del Toro sneakers. Sad yet promising..."

What does Del Toro mean?
"It represents myself and where I come from—Del Toro means a fan of Torino Calcio, which is the soccer team my father and I have cheered for ever since I was a child in Italy. It represents my hometown of Torino and our heritage as a brand, Made in Italy yet infused with American prep and sneakerhead culture."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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A wide view of Matthew's office.

What or who are some of your inspirations?
"I have a lot of inspirations but essentialy I characterize my style and brand as a mix of Italian elegance, American prep, and NYC sneaker culture."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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Matthew in front of his couch.

What's the one item in your closet you can't live without?
"Very hard question; I am very attached to all my accessories. My watch collection, shoes, belts, luggage—all would be hard to relinquish. I love my cashmere and suede, texture is very important to me."

Matthew is wearing Jack Emerson Torino Italy Tailored Shirt, (with MC embroidery); Simon Spurr Pants; Del Toro Shoes Brown Suede Alto Drivers; Del Toro Red Intrecciato Belt.

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"Oxford/Wingtip Snap from our upcoming collection."

What will be your next big purchase?
"I always have my eye on goodies. A vintage Cherry Red Mustang most likely will be next."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"The dining room has some very interesting Chinese drawings in it that we from the previous owner and I just couldn't get rid of them. Also on display are limited edition 'Street Etiquette' collabo boxes—there's a lot of shoe paraphernalia everywhere." " Describe the aesthetic of your house
"Mediterranean/Art Deco infused, with an eclectic interior which represents myself and Del Toro."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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Matthew playing on the couch with his white German shepherd Duchess and lab, Funyun.

What are your favorite stores in Miami?
"That's very hard, but I would have to say the Webster. Miami is in need of some better stores without a question. It is such a quickly growing city so there is a large void there."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"A sign from the Del Toro Art Basel x Refinery29 Party 2011.vAll the participating artists, as well as guests, signed the canvas."

What's next for Del Toro?
"Expanding the brand into more and more styles as well as offerings. A flagship store in Miami Beach, among much else."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"More wingtips, some from my personal collection."

How would you describe your personal style?
"My style is Del Toro. My style comes from my upbringing. Italy/ Palm Beach/ NYC mixed with Los Angeles. I like to pull and mix styles to form a relatively unique style. Individuality to me is most important, so I strive to be unique yet classic."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"Candles: Colette limited edition scent, Tocca, and a Red Skull."

Do you collect anything?
"I tend to collect everything. Watches, shoes, clothes, luggage, pocket squares, belts, art, candles, Creed....I'm sure there's more."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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Matthew strikes a pose on the marble stairs.

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"A contribution from one of the participating artists, Alex Yanis."

What's the coolest pair of Del Toros you've ever designed?
"That is an ever evolving answer, every month that changes. I am graced with an amazing factory which will do anything that comes to my mind.

Right now, I'd say this new suede finished Crocodile Chukka sneaker. I made four sets: Tiffany Blue, Fire Red, Cobalt Blue, and Navy Blue. They are incredible and will be really game changing."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"Another Opera of Art from our 2011 Art Basel Party."

Do you get a lot of comparisons to Stubbs?
"I find myself nothing like Stubbs. The only similarity is our slipper offerings, which even there we differ immensely. Our cut is much more comfortable and Italian loafer-like. Our vamp rises higher to achieve this. I also stay away from quirky novelties like embroideries. My shoes are meant to be more timeless then just cocktail drunk Waspy talk."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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"Cobalt blue is arguably my favorite color as exhibited here. The Vintage '80s boombox I spray- painted were part of my pop up shop In Palm Beach this past season."

Photographed by Justin Namon
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A chill Matthew wearing camo Del Toros on the deck.

Photographed by Justin Namon