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10 Cool Maternity Styles That Even Non-Preggos Will Wanna Wear

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    There's nothing like a big watermelon shoved under your shirt to disrupt a cool outfit, eh? And yet, that's precisely the sartorial conundrum pregnant women face on the daily. Of course, the not-so-desirable options on the maternity market (flared capris, anyone?) don't really help the cause. In fact, to find the real diamonds in the fashion rough, one has to thoroughly comb the web. And, because we know you moms-to-be have a million other things to do to prepare for those impending baby days, we've gone ahead and done the work for you.

    From bold summer stripes to the spot-on silks that comprise our hands-down fave maternity label, Hatch, these dresses will help you get through these nine-plus-months in major style. And for those of you (likely, most of us!) not carrying a bun in the oven, we promise every single look here is inspiring no matter your maternal status…plus, they're great for disguising a food baby or two.

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