Mass Attack! Cheap Buys That Don't Look It

There's no more powerful, jealousy-inducing response to people asking what you're wearing than to say, "Oh, this? You'll never guess how much it cost." We get a sick sort of satisfaction in playing this card with our outfits, whether it's revealing that we paid more for lunch than on our handbag or that our most-complimented dress was a mall-store find. Ahead, our roundup of cheap thrills that don't disappoint—no coupons, promo codes, or register-racing necessary!
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H&M Sweatshirt, $40.71, available at H&M.
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Montego Bay Club Glitter Sandal, $22.99, available at Payless.
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Hollister Scripps Pier Dress, $19.75, available at Hollister.
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Calypso St. Barth For Target Scarf, $19.95, available in-store at Target.
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Aldo Diroana Handbag, $40, available at Aldo.
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Old Navy Women's Button-Front Skirt, $22.50, available at Old Navy.
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Chico's Heida Necklace, $54.60, available at Chico's.
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Attention Women's Long Romper, $24.99, available at KMart.
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Simply Vera Satin Dress, $68, available at Kohl's.
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Gap Clean Front Stripe Shorts, $49.95, available at Gap.
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Forever21 Floral Wingtip Shoes, $24.80, available at Forever21.
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Norma Kamali Jersey Shirred Sleeveless Dress, $20, available at Walmart.
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Apostrophe Women's Belted Safari Vest, $13.99, available at Sears.
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MNG by Mango Stripe Dress, $29.95, available at JCPenney.
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H&M Beach Bag, $6.50, available at H&M.