How To Achieve Serenity In An L.A. Pad

It really shouldn't come as a shock that LE CATCH creator Marlien Rentmeester's Pacific Palisades home is the best we've found in the 'hood. Actually, the only thing that surprised us was that the forward-thinking, design-obsessed founder of one of our favorite style-hunting sites would have such a yen for old-school interiors. We mean, her living room reminded us of a 1950s high-society parlor! But, as we talked decor, inspiration, and more during a recent house tour, it occurred to us that the power-blogger is actually a pretty classic, classy sort of lady.
While she contends that the home she shares with her husband and two sons is beset by the kind of messes only young boys could make, we found it to be a perfectly curated, perfectly immaculate mix of old treasures; inexpensive, new Target accents; and an unending supply of amazing photography. There's nothing wrong with being a bit old school when you do it this well.
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Tell us a little bit about LE CATCH
"We live in the golden age of shopping. There's so much amazing fashion online, sometimes at ridiculously affordable prices. However, the choices are seemingly infinite, so it can be hard to know where to start and to find the time to search through it all. LE CATCH is basically my daily edit of the Internet fashion universe — my goal is to try to find one item every day that’s so good, it would be crazy not to buy."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
And, what do you love about your work?
"It’s fun for me, as I love the hunt, and I kind of feel like I get to window-shop for a living, and, of course, I manage to buy a few things myself....If you can find a way to build a career around your passions, then it doesn’t feel like work!"
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
How did you build that career?
"Well, I grew up in New York where I developed both a passion for fashion and an interest in magazines. See, my dad was a photojournalist for Life, Time, and Sports Illustrated, among others. So, after college, I joined People and later was an editor at Seventeen and then at various Condé Nast magazines. Most recently, I was the West Coast editor at Lucky magazine."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
And, how did you spin that into a solo, online-only career with LE CATCH?
"Well, my friends on both coasts always admired my talents for mixing high and low pieces. They were always asking me for shopping and styling advice....and I mean always. So, I started LE CATCH as way to offer my daily picks and styling advice to all of my friends at once!"
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
So, now, what's a typical workday like for you?

"It has me up at 6 a.m. I get my kids dressed, fed, and off to school, and then I work, squeeze in a midmorning workout, then work again till about 4 or 5 p.m. I often work again after the kids are asleep. But, there are days when I am putting the finishing touches on a post on my laptop while my husband drives my family and me to Disneyland! It never gets dull. Oh, and play days could involve a long lunch and a little bit of shopping with friends or going to the beach with my kids."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Lovely. What would you say is your proudest accomplishment to date?
"Marrying my husband and having our two sons. They all personify joy. Launching LE CATCH would be a distant third, but it is gratifying to know that other people enjoy reading it on a daily basis."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Now, let's talk about this amazing home. First, tell us what you love about Pacific Palisades.
"I love its vicinity to the ocean. I can smell the sea breeze from my bedroom window. I also love the lushness of our backyard. We have banana trees, palm trees, night-blooming jasmine, and ferns."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
We love the look of your house. How would you describe it? Where do you get your decorating inspiration?
"Eclectic, a little traditional, colorful, print-happy, and welcoming. There's nothing too precious in my house, as I have two young boys constantly running around and making giant messes in it."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
And, where do you get your design inspiration?
"It's a mix of decor magazines, Pinterest, books, and friends' homes. I've also had a fabric swatch inspire the decor of an entire room."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
What’s your favorite part of your home?
"My closet. I feel like it's the one spot in my house that's truly my own, and it houses all my favorite finds! Muddy toy trucks are not allowed!"
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
What are your favorite pieces?

"I love the hand-me-downs from my parents, such as an Asian bureau in my bedroom, because, well, they've been with me for so long! I also love my twin sister's and father's photographs (both of whom are professional photographers), which grace just about every single room in my house."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Any great cheap home scores as of late?

"I picked up a yellow cable-knit pillow from Target that does exactly what it's supposed to on my bedroom chaise: It yields the perfect pop of color, and it's cozy. I also recently bought a Crock-Pot that I will put to good use this winter."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Now, personal style is also a big part of what you do. What's your favorite rising fashion trend these days?
"Lace. To me, it's always in fashion. There's just something so undeniably seductive about it."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
And, how would you describe your own personal style?

"It's a mix of high and low with vintage thrown in."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
So, are there any designers you always love to wear?

"I'm really into Chloé, Erdem, Phillip Lim (I loved his collection for Target!), J.Crew, Balenciaga, Topshop, COS, and ASOS."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
And, what are your go-to outfits?

"Cropped jeans, a sweater, and ankle boots or flats. I don't have a go-to outfit for night. What I wear depends on where I am going and who I am going with. But, typically, the outfit involves something sparkly, embellished, or statement-making."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
So, then, what would your five wardrobe essentials be?

"Jeans, an army jacket, a tuxedo blazer, a gray or black cashmere sweater, and black flats."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Pretty straightforward. And, to go along with all that, are there any favorite beauty products you can't live without?

"I recently got hooked on Jouer's tinted moisturizer. It's sheer yet provides impossibly good coverage. I also love Beautycounter's skin products, because they're chemical-free."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
What's the most special piece in your wardrobe?
"The jewelry my husband has given me are constants, but I also love vintage clothing for its one-of-a-kind appeal. I actually just got a vintage Louis Vuitton denim jacket that is embossed with the LV logo. It's insane."
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Photographed by Jessie Webster.
Finally, what's one thing no one would ever suspect about you?

"I'm shy."