A Cool Girl's Guide To Marfa, Texas

For a town located in the middle of nowhere, Marfa is a remarkably buzzed-about destination. Over the last couple of decades, this strip of Texas wilderness has quietly fostered a thriving art community, making it one of the most visually unique attractions in the country. The quirky landmarks — the most well-known being Prada Marfa — are very much worthy of the 3.5 hour drive from the nearest airport.
"Marfa is an incredibly special place: It's a small town for artful minds and a refreshing desert for tired ones," says Rambo, a photographer and art director based in Texas. "The barrenness of the desert — mixed with minimalist architecture and a sense of history — evokes a sense of resilience." It's much slower-paced than your standard metropolis, but there's no shortage of things to do. We've tapped the photographer to give us an insider's look into her favorite hands in the area.
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Watch the Sunrise (Or Sunset): Pinto Canyon Road
Marfa is where the mountains meet the desert, which means you'll be able to enjoy some incredible sunrise and sunset views. Rambo's favorite viewing spot is Pinto Canyon Road, since "it winds through the mountains, and the absolutely vibrant sunset colors are definitely good at bringing up a reassuring existentialism." You can choose to drive as far as Mexico and still be lavished by mesmerizing landscapes at every turn.
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The Must-See Installation: Prada Marfa
This is arguably the most Instagrammable spot in town. However, the art piece, created by Elmgreen & Dragset, is a half-hour's drive outside of Marfa proper. One major thing to note before you go? "Prada Marfa is not a real store — it actually had to be reclassified as a museum in 2014 in order to remain standing," says Rambo.

"Prada Marfa was built to slowly wear away and become part of the landscape it was dropped into — a statement on capitalism and gentrification," Rambo adds. "It's a truly amazing piece of art not to be missed."

Prada Marfa, US-90, Valentine, TX; (432) 729-4362
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Get Your Morning Fuel: Marfa Burritos
"Marfa Burritos is the spot for breakfast — it's like a warm, family kitchen because it is one," says Rambo. "The homemade tortillas come in easy prices, and I always get into an interesting conversation with some stranger there."

Marfa Burritos, 104 East Waco Street; (325) 514-8675
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Photo: Courtesy of La Venture
For A Fancy Meal: LaVenture
Located in Hotel Saint George, LaVenture is one of the few restaurants in town with consistent hours, featuring a blend of rustic American food with Continental cuisine. "The macaroni and cheese here is the best, but it also has more lofty choices such as ricotta gnocchi or tuna tartare," says Rambo. "It's also a rad place to go to because the menu is seasonal, and they often change it up to avoid predictability."

LaVenture, 105 South Highland Avenue; (432) 729-3700
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Photo: Courtesy of Stellina
For A Nice Dinner: Stellina
This dining hotspot impresses with a communal vibe and delectable Mediterranean cuisine. "I had the corn gazpacho — you can really taste the thoughtfulness and freshness of the ingredients," says Rambo. "The wrap-around bar really captures the warm, community atmosphere of Marfa."

Stellina, 103 Highland Avenue, (432) 729-2030
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Photo: Via the Chinati Foundation
Get A Dose Of Art: The Chinati Foundation
Developed by renowned artist Donald Judd, The Chinati Foundation is the most well-known museum in Marfa. "The museum displays pieces that examine not only art itself, but how architecture and landscape play a role in exhibition," says Rambo. It houses the conceptual works from luminaries such as Robert Irwin, Carl Andre, and David Rabinowitch.

The Chinati Foundation, 1 Cavalry Row; (432) 729-4362
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Photo: Courtesy of Cobra Rock
Where To Shop: Cobra Rock
One of Rambo's favorite haunts is Cobra Rock, a local store selling durable handmade boots. "I've had a pair of their handmade boots for two years now and put them through hell in my line of work: Photo pits, Hiking, and water, you name it," she says, "These boys last for a lifetime." While you're in the store, Rambo also suggests checking out the unique postcards and leather pouches.

Cobra Rock, 107 South Dean Street
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Photo: Courtesy of Marfa Brands
For Souvenirs: Marfa Brands
"I can't leave Marfa without Marfa soap," says Rambo. "Marfa Brands carries this naturally-made soap that smells like a campfire, it's smokey and earthy and sweet — helps me bring the desert home."

Marfa Brands, 213 South Dean Street
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Photo: Courtesy of El Cosmico
Where To Stay: El Cosmico
"My favorite place to stay in Marfa is El Cosmico, hands down," says Rambo. "You can get an experience at several price points: Anything from an affordable camp on the property to a cozy trailer to colorful yurts."

"The El Cosmico gift shop is also ranks at the top of the list stores in Marfa." she adds. "It carries a great body oil that keeps your skin hydrated in the dry heat, on top of a huge variety of gift items, from bone-carved pocket knives to colored robes."

El Cosmico, 802 South Highland Avenue, (432) 729-1950
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