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8 Perfect Ways To Bring The Magic Of Marfa, TX Right Into Your Home

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    Marfa is nothing if not extreme: The sky is vast, the earth is dry, and the location is beyond remote. Yet the tiny West Texas town has become a sleepy sanctuary for a wide selection of personalities. Creatives live and work alongside real-deal cowboys, and tourists from around the world travel to the high-desert oasis to revel in small-town quirk (we're talking population 2,000), international art, and a landscape that looks more like Mars than the Lone Star State. 

    With so many distinct elements poured into one isolated environment, it's no wonder that Marfa has developed a design aesthetic all its own. Clean lines, natural materials, and simple construction are the hallmarks of what we deem desert-style — a look that blends utilitarianism with grace and a dash of whimsy.

    We've rounded up eight products that will give any home a touch of Marfa's playful simplicity — and possibly inspire the long trek westward. Seriously, the sunsets alone are worth the trip.

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