Yep, You Are Seeing This Print Everywhere: Here's How It Happened

Photo: Courtesy of MyTheresa.
Certain trends we start noticing gradually. Then, without much build-up (or, before you can pat yourself on the back for your keen eye), they're everywhere. That's exactly what happened with marble: Right when the rock-as-photoreal-print seemed to be having a home-decor moment, it had already made its way onto our Instagram feeds in the form of brunch tablescapes and minimalist shots of hands holding espresso cups, adorned with delicate knuckle rings. Next time, maybe don't blink — because marble's gone fashion.

Now the pattern has spread from the one-off phone case to shoe soles, T-shirts, and party dresses. It's trumping the predictable florals, contrasting stripes, and other highly saturated tones that generally dominate summertime fashion, in favor of a more subdued style.

Marble is just as eye-grabbing, only in a less obvious, attention-seeking way. It's the subtle girl's answer to statement prints, and we're understandably obsessed. Make like David (yes — that one) with one of the 30 pieces, ahead.
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Because shopping in the men's section sometimes delivers the most glorious marble T-shirts one could ever dream up.
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Leave it to young (millennial) professionals to make the pencil dress the most interesting workwear item in a wardrobe.
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Just cracking the surface.
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This long, flowy button-up is made for fall layering.
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Wear it as a set, or pair the black-and-white print with your go-to tee.
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The marble effect makes for quite the contrast on these print-blocked trousers.
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A good skater dress makes you want to twirl immediately after putting it on.
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It's not all black and white — when pastels get the marbled treatment, heart-eyed emojis ensue.
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This take on marble is a literal work of art.
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Proof of the pattern's versatility: It's made its way onto your beach (and otherwise super casual) wear.
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Go against the grain in favor of a more colorful, abstract pattern.
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The graphic element turns an everyday basic into something a little more special — even if you're just wearing it with a chunky knit.
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Sweat it out. (Or don't. That's cool, too.)
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That's right, even your Vans Authentics got marbled.
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Marble down to the sole.
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The "ladies who lunch" look got a much-needed contemporary refresh.
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Go for the subtlest hint of marble, if you don't want to seem too behind the the times.
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Get down with one of our favorite accessories of the season while simultaneously acknowledging the year's most pervasive print.
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The right way to throw shade.
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Take monochromatic up a notch with a sophisticated patterned watch face.
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Tell me about it, stud.
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What a looker.
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You let it out, honey. Put it in the book.
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Marble trend, coming full circle.
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All that's missing from your #brunchstagram.

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