Beauty Secrets From Male Models

If Zoolander taught us anything, it's that male models are people, too. While we've been known to ask some of our favorite supers — like Linda Evangelista or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley — for pointers on flawless beauty, we thought it was time to let a few well-groomed men in on the fun. After all, many of the fellas you'll see in this slideshow could only be described as "pretty." And, if we're going to borrow from the boys, why not borrow from the very best boys?
Click through the slides to find out how to get a non-prickly, super-close shave, a remedy for chafed nipples, and the styling products that will give your hair that shiny-but-not-greasy hold. (Also, one of them contours his beard. Amazing.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana.
David Gandy
The longstanding body — er, face — of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is one of the industry's most recognizable names, which is only reinforced by his 200K+ followers on Instagram. (Spoiler alert: He actually wears the scent he fronts.) He's just about the only guy who could reasonably pull off a white bikini bottom and still maintain rugged sex appeal. His grooming routine, therefore, is kept fairly simple:

"When I wake up in the morning, I tend to just use a good quality moisturizer from Aveda. My routine is the same for a night out, but in the evening, I use a rose oil. It was recommended to me by a makeup artist to apply to the skin after flights, which is especially important because of how often I fly," he says.

As for the rugged part, Gandy never sports a clean shave and tames his mane with a little bit of Aveda Control Paste. "My biggest grooming mistake was using cheap hair products," he explains. "They make my hair look awful and even affect my scalp and forehead." Translation: Invest wisely.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Lauren.
Nacho Figueras
Although he's technically a polo player, Figueras' perfect jawline has been gracing Ralph Lauren campaigns for so long that he's honed his chops as a model, too. (Some guys really can do it all.) Despite a couple of attempts to get him to speak, his grooming routine remains as mysterious as his stoic gaze.

"Sometimes I shave, and sometimes I don't," he says when asked how he changes things up for a night out. And, what about any faux pas he's been guilty of in the past? "I make mistakes every day," he responds.

There are only two things he says he relies on: Kiehl's Brushless Shave Cream "for a really refreshing, close shave," and Polo Red. "My wife of 15 years loves it."
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Photo: MCV Photo.
Brad Kroenig
As one of Karl Lagerfeld's handpicked leading men for Chanel, Kroenig has one of the most enviable heads of hair in the industry — male or female. As it turns out, that is thanks to a special cocktail of stylers: "I mix American Crew Fiber with Remino Wax. Combined, it gives both hold and texture," he says. "I also learned how to massage my head to help circulate blood flow and stimulate hair growth. I do this daily, and I think it's helped a lot."

As for that golden beard, "I only do a clean shave a few times a year to prep for a facial or a shoot. But, I use Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream followed by Dior Homme After Shave Gel. Otherwise, I use my Norelco Beard Trimmer," he says.

In fact, he's pretty handy with that gadget. "When I first started modeling, a makeup artist taught me how to properly contour my beard to define my facial features. It made such a difference," he explains.
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Photo: Courtesy of Soul Artist Management.
Cory Bond
One of the industry's favorite pretty boys is forthcoming about his routine. "I use a Clarisonic to wash my face and pair it with a gentle cleanser," he says. "I'm also currently using Dr. Gross' Alpha Beta Peel Pads that I bought at Sephora."

As for that perfectly-tousled hair, Bond is a fan of Bumble's tinted dry shampoo, but says "the trick is not to use too much."

He learned the value of investing in a good salon early on. "You can get a lot of 'free' cuts on set, but not everyone is great at cutting hair," he says. "Some people are great stylists, but you can't count on that translating to a good haircut."

Bond relies heavily on the Wahl Peanut, a tiny trimmer that's great for getting that five o'clock shadow look. But, he had to teach himself not to be overzealous. "I trimmed my chest hair the day before a big casting for something that required body hair, and it probably cost me the job."
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Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein.
Matt Terry
Terry is best known as the muscles sprawled across Calvin Klein billboards (he's currently the face of Calvin Klein's Dark Obsession). But, he also has a tip for getting the perfect, clean shave: "I don't use a shaving cream, but a Simple Moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin, so this doesn't cause any irritation."

Since he spends so much time at the gym, Terry makes sure to bring Simple's cleansing wipes and uses them as soon as he's done training. "The dirt and sweat don't sit on my face and cause breakouts." After a quick spritz of CK Free Sport, he's good to go.
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Photo: Courtesy of Soul Artist Management.
Chad White
White has modeled for everyone from Hugo Boss to GQ. And, he confessed to us that he's a grooming enthusiast.

"When I wake up in the morning, I normally use Cetaphil cleanser. All of the doctors and groomers I've worked with say it's great, and it's worked for me so far," he explains. "I follow it with a Fresh toner and use a Murad eye cream when I'm traveling."

His peppered beard is "like a science" that he gets through a mix of a Mach 3 razor, Art of Shaving cream, and the Wahl Peanut.

He keeps his hair in place using Bumble's Sumotech and likes an occasional spritz of Chanel Bleu. But, he won't reveal his signature scent. "I can't give away all my secrets!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Mr. Elbank for #Project60.
Ricki Hall
There's nothing like a bearded-and-tatted dude to shake up a world of pretty boys. But, don't be fooled by Hall's rugged looks — he's the most regimented of this bunch.

"There's no excuse or room to be sloppy with your skin regimen," he says. "I'm very strict with mine.

Hall's full routine consists of Kiehl's exfoliating scrub, the Clarity Toner, a line-reducing concentrate, a moisturizer, and an SPF 15. "It's quite a lot, but I find it very therapeutic," he explains.

As for that mighty beard: "I use Captain Fawcett Beard Oil and Mustache Wax, as well as Scoop Deluxe Beard Palm," he says. "I'm currently in the stages of doing a collection for them at Christmastime."

But, Hall's most important piece of grooming advice is also the most unorthodox. "Below the Belt recently gave me some sports lubricant, which is a godsend," he says. "I have very small, erect nipples all the time. So, they chafe." See? Nobody's perfect.
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Photo: Courtesy of SOUL Artist Management.
River Viiperi
With over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Viiperi's future is looking pretty bright. And, while his routine (a combination of Kiehl's products) is decidedly minimal, there's only one way he can score that baby-smooth face daily. "I like the old-school, single-blade razors with Aveeno shaving cream," he says. (That's grooming speak for how to be an OG.)
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Photo: Courtesy of SOUL Artist Management.
Broderick Hunter
Hunter's skin routine is all about the moisture, but his whole approach changed recently when he was on set.

"A makeup artist told me that less is more when applying moisturizer to the skin. Light dabs around the face are better than smashing it in your hand and working it through. But, if I don't have time to apply it gently, trust and believe I'm doing it the sloppy way," he says with a laugh.

Hunter usually cleanses with Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Soap, then follows up with a light layer of Bio-Oil and a bit of cocoa butter.

After some time in the biz, he's letting his hair grow out, which prompted its own string of newfound discoveries. "I've been using Shea Moisture Curling Soufflé to give myself a natural look," he says. "If I were to do anything to change it up, I'd give myself a line-up or take some off the sides."
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