Hold Everything: 10 Makeup Bags You'll Want To Carry As Clutches

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    Hands up: Who carries their entire beauty regime in their handbag? No judgement. We’ve seen enough people on the tube scrabbling in their handbags for mascaras and bronzers to know that we are not alone in this habit. But, how many times have you dipped your hand into your bag only to pull out a dusty lipstick with its lid missing — or a bronzer with the compact shattered?

    It’s an expensive lesson to learn, but if we are going to insist on carrying our beauty lives around with us, it's clear we’re going to need the right receptacles for them. Step forward these 10 makeup bags with attitude, style, and just a little bit of chutzpah. From neon brights and butter-soft leather to fantastical prints, the cute carryalls ahead will make your morning-makeup-application on the tube a much nicer experience. Trust us on this one.

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