Peek Inside The Dreamiest Beauty Kits From NYFW

Think you have a ton of beauty products? You haven't seen anything until you've been backstage at a fashion show. The hair, makeup, and nail pros pack serious hauls in order to get those models gorgeous. And tucked away in these kits are products (some cult favorites and some so new, they're still in sample packaging) and tools you'd never expect to get the job done.

Ahead, we're offering a peek inside the backstage kits of some of the top professionals in the business. Trust us, there's a lot you can learn from the goods they cart around (including why you need to get a toothbrush into your makeup bag, ASAP).
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Photographed by Cat Quinn.
Have you ever experienced more product envy in your life? NARS artist Uzo always keeps a full range of Radiant Creamy Concealer (bottom right) and Sheer Glow Foundation (top) to match every model's skin tone. She also swears by the Pro Palette (bottom center), a just-launched product that allows her to keep all her eyeshadows, blushes, and highlighters in one easy place.
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Courtesy of Miss Pop.
While manicurist Miss Pop keeps hundreds of polishes in her kit, she only pulls out the shades she's actually using at each show to prevent confusion. (At Rodarte, shown here, that meant Glitzerland and Radiance by OPI.) Since she's known for nail art, she also stores a full set of detailing brushes, including teeny-tiny ones (right), for placing gemstones and decals. If you don't have an arsenal of brushes, Miss Pop recommends throwing a few bobby pins into your kit — they're great for painting on small dots or stripes, she says.
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Photographed by Cat Quinn.
Makeup artist Diane Kendal, whose kit you see here, swears by her extensive brush collection. When you're working on 25 models at once, you definitely need 'em.
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Photographed by Cat Quinn.
See that funny-looking toothbrush in the white tray on the left? It's Kendal's go-to brow product. "I don't know what it is [about it that works], but perhaps it’s a stiffer bristle," she says. "For me, it really gets to the root of the brow."

The big labels Kendal has on her MAC powders are genius as an organizational tool. They don't rub off like the writing on the bottom of the packaging, so she always knows what shade she's reaching for — and will never sleepily apply bronzer instead of foundation. (Been there, done that.)
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Photographed by Cat Quinn.
Clé de Peau makeup artist Lucia Pieroni had everything she needed for the Vera Wang show set out meticulously — including a top shelf of seriously expensive face creams and essences. In addition to labeling her products, she went one step further and printed her name on all of them. That's one way to keep your roommate out of your $775 cream, amiright?
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Courtesy of Maybelline.
Maybelline makeup artist Yadim had a clever organizational trick backstage at Jason Wu. He stored his lipsticks label-up, so he didn't have to check the undersides of the tubes every time he reached for a color. (We'll definitely be adopting this one at home — with fewer lipstick tubes, unfortunately.)
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Photographed by Maria Del Russo.
Every model got a blond wig backstage at The Blonds. (Wonder why?) Hairstylist Kien Hoang lined them up like this to help them retain their shape, a common practice backstage. (And potentially why your Halloween wigs are always so tangled and matted at the bottom of your drawer.)
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Photographed by Cat Quinn.
Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman also had a full lineup of wigs backstage at Jeremy Scott. (Big, glorious, Hairspray-inspired wigs.) And if you think it's just a matter of slapping a wig on a model, think again. After styling these beauties, Souleiman let them sit for two hours under a hood dryer before placing them on the models' heads.
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Photographed by Cat Quinn.
For Redken lead hairstylist Guido, organization is key. “I get confused if there is too much going on," he says. "I try to keep it to the products I need, the instruments and tools I require, and that’s it. Because sometimes [things] get kinda crazy."

That translates to neatly laid out elastics, combs, and brushes — as well as an arsenal of bobby pins in every size, color, and shape imaginable. We love the little plastic containers he uses to keep things tidy.
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