Make Lindsay Lohan Your Plaything With The New Marc Ecko Campaign

When Lindsay Lohan posed for Complex Magazine, and subsequently went AWOL for the interview, you'd think that Marc Ecko—whom Complex belongs to—would hesitate to use her again. But perhaps out of reparation, Lindsay will the new face of Marc Ecko Cut & Sew. A decidedly un-bubblegum choice (Vanessa Hudgens is the face of Red by Mark Ecko), Lindsay will star in an interactive campaign series where her likeness will be able to be manipulated by you guys. By holding print ads up to your webcam while on Marceckomuse, you'll be able to make Lindsay act out skits and express different emotions such as joy, fear, and remorse (no word if drunk is one of them, too). Markus and Indrani directed the video portionm and GK Reid styled Lindsay for the interactive vid. Says Marc, "I don't cast dispersions on what she did or did not do. For me, she did the most important job I needed, which was to be more than a pretty face—but actually act, and to create a dialogue that would incite our emotions: good, bad or indifferent. She is a talent. I'm rooting for her." (WWD)

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