6 Out-Of-This-World Role-Play Costumes — & Accessories To Match

Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
The end of summer is way too close for our liking, since we always support a) getting hot and sweaty and b) wearing as little clothing as possible. One way to do both things all year round? Try sexy role play. No, we're not talking about the white-hatted nurse fantasies of '90s porn; we're talking magical, fantastical, futuristic personas. You know, like mermaids. Or robots. Or, a combo of both — sexy mer-bot, anyone?
No need to fret about commitment to character: We've rounded up an arsenal of accessories tailored to whichever one you choose. From witchy massage oils to edible fairy dust to a whole boatload of niche vibrators, we've got you covered for a night of otherworldly fun. The year is 2015, and your magic sex playground has arrived.
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Admit it: You've always wanted to be the human embodiment of this majestic, pastel creature. A sheer, candy-colored lingerie look is perfect and subtle.
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Not so subtle (but look how gorgeous and on-trend!): a unicorn-tail butt plug.
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Powdered unicorn horn may be outlawed in the wizarding world; in the silicone-vibe world, however, horns are all the rage.
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The flogger says "You've been bad," but the pastel palette says "And I'm a unicorn."
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And of course, what condoms would a unicorn own other than rainbow ones?
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So you're into Ellen Ripley. Or you're an X-Files freak and just want to believe. Either way, there's a galactic assortment of sexy treats for you Out There, starting with these Miley-approved pasties.
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With these babies, you can say you've got the whole universe in your pants.
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The concave mouth of this fun little guy is formulated to slide up and down the shaft of a penis, but it can be used in any creative way you choose. Monster vibes for all!
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To be seen in space, you've got to glow. Finger-paint yourself and your partner for the ultimate trip.
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Another fun way to get your buzz on is with this adorable UFO. The dome shape makes for an even, widespread dispersion of vibrations to wherever you choose — great for those who aren't fans of direct stimulation. It will definitely take you to another planet.
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There are unending iterations of fictional and real witches (AHS witches, Hogwarts witches, Macbeth witches, Disney witches, Salem witches, Brujas, Wiccans, etc.), and there's always something sexy about the mystery behind the magic(k). To start? A simple, silk cloak.
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And under that cloak, a crotchless body suit that looks like it's made from the webs of spiders. Or the eyelashes of maidens who are under spells to steal their youth.
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Don't you want to pretend you brewed your own potion-like massage oil? (Extra points if crystals are somehow involved)
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No modern witch-for-a-night should be without a book of legit love spells. Who knows? Maybe you'll capture the heart of a dopey ginger somewhere.
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The wand may choose the wizard, but the witch chooses this wand when she wants a high-velocity experience.
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The folklore surrounding mermaids alludes to their hypnotic powers over sailors — and their hair-combing and singing. To not apply this same power to the bedroom would be a shame. Get your magic mer-lady on, first with a comfy, shell-adorned bralette.
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And maybe a bottle-green panty with scaly lace? Or, if you're feeling super-ambitious, throw a tail on it.
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Wear this strap-on vibe to get direct vibrations, hands-free. Perfect for when a mermaid wants to do it like a cowgirl.
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Sliquid is frequently touted as the cadillac of lubes, and this sea-centric one is enriched with seaweed and minerals for extra moisture. Everything is really, truly better down where it's wetter. Obviously.
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Finally, an oceanic vibe that packs the one-two punch of internal and external stimulation. This is a wave you truly want to ride.
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If you want to go the AI route, you can go as stereotypical or realistic as you'd like. Still, nothing beats a little chrome and a lot of sexy machinery to get things cooking.
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If a fembot went panty-shopping, she'd definitely pick these.
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A small, concise explainer for the sex toys of the future — perfect for futuristic foreplay research, or even to read aloud as part of the main course.
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Nothing is more sexually advanced than vibrating body parts. These small, fingertip vibes are as close as we can get (for now).
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And finally, a full fucking-machine pleasure system, aptly named the Orgasmatron. We'll just leave this here for you to peruse (it comes with infinite attachments).
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Or faerie, if you'd like. For those who take pleasure in the details, choose the kind of fairy/faerie you'd be. This particular set of accoutrements is most definitely for an air fairy who resides in a cloud kingdom while getting her rocks off.
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Every fairy needs her wings (custom-made, of course). Do not mistake her for an angel.
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This cloud vibe, aptly named Cirrus, is dreamy and luxe.
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What could be more entertaining than edible, shimmering body powder fairy dust? Imagine the dirty, glittery possibilities!
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When a fairy's top comes off, you bet she's going to be wearing more glitter. You may never want to take these flash-tat-pasty hybrids off. And we don't blame you.