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Your First Look At Mad Men Season 7 Is Here!

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    Hot on the heels of our first look at Orange Is The New Black season 2, we're getting a fresh delivery of some very glossy images from the forthcoming installment of Mad Men. Unlike those People exclusives, these come straight from AMC's website, so we'll be able to give you the full batch.

    As the show speeds ever closer to modern times, things are getting very, shall we say, funky. The clothes are more colorful. The hair is more extreme. Heck, the SCD&P boys look like the Monkees! There's also an obvious travel theme here with all the shots happening at airports, on planes, or in busses.

    It's become a favorite game among MM fans to look for signs of future plot lines and, yes, the eventual end of the series, in every little thing that Matthew Weiner does. Right here, we've got a ton of grist for the mill. So, flip through the slideshow, take a good hard look for yourself, and let the rampant speculation begin. Our comments section is now open and accepting all theories.

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